Confidence is a HUGE issue for women and it touches on so many different levels, it’s quite difficult to pinpoint the route cause. Once you have established what is causing the lack of confidence, you can quickly workout the steps you need to take in order to build it back up again. So here are the best 3 tips to help boost your confidence and self esteem naturally…but most importantly VERY QUICKLY.

It’s no secret men are drawn towards confident women. They will gravitate not necessarily to the prettiest women in the room but the one with presence, the woman who is self assured, who can laugh at herself, who is comfortable in her own skin.

Here are the best 3 tips to help boost your confidence and self-esteem instantly;

1. Hold onto compliments

We are all too quick to shrug off compliments out of politeness, embarrassment or insecurity. Instead we often let the hurtful or rude remarks we hear about ourselves affect us the most.

Instead, acknowledge and cherish the appreciation you receive for your sense of humour, wit or Angelina Jolie shaped lips and allowing yourself to believe it.

Holding on to compliments that people give you instead of immediately assuming they are just being polite means you can store them in your mind and dip into them next time you want to walk into a situation with an instant added extra of self esteem.

2. List of Achievements

Next time you’re nervous about a date and convinced he wont like you, perhaps worrying you wont have anything interesting to say, or that you wont be as good as the last girl he dated, put this next bit of advice into practice.

Before you leave the house write down a list of your achievements. These can be anything, things you have achieved in education or career, ways you have helped others, friends you have made and kept or hardships you have overcome.

This list will act as a list of reasons to be proud of yourself, to realise the sum of your worth and will even help you with conversational topics that show you in a good light during your date. Be careful not to brag though because nobody likes a bragger!

3. Body confidence

Much of women’s self-esteem is wrapped up in body image. Before you go out on a date it’s important to find ways to appreciate your body and find ways to feel confident.
It goes without saying that a new dress, haircut or spray tan will instantly make you feel a little better about your appearance before an important event but you should also spend time on how you’re thinking about your body.

The most important step here is to stop criticising every lump, blemish and bulge.

Trust us, men don’t notice half the things you and other women do. For example, most men go crazy for women with curves in the right places.

It’s only when women are self conscious in themselves, when they complain about the cellulite on their thighs or the fat on their hips that men even notice it. Men find nothing more off putting then a women complaining about her body.

So yes put on a new dress but make sure you walk out of your house with the attitude that you love what’s underneath it. Then he will too.

Just by using the above tips you’re going to see a MASSIVE shift in your confidence. In fact if you stick to a simple plan of using just one of these techniques every day, you should see changes within the first week!


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