Trying to catch someone’s attention by flirting may feel very overwhelming as one really does not want to try to make a fool of themselves. However flirting can be very easy as well as fun at the same time. Typical flirting is the means in which someone can be playful or romantic, indicating that they have an interest in someone else.

Flirting can be achieved in quite a few different forms. One form is verbal and the other form is physical. However it is best to start with a verbal form of flirting if you do not really know the person who has caught your attention. If you are flirting with someone who is a friend and someone you know then it is best to be subtle as you definitely do not want to come off too strong. If you have been in a long lasting relationship with your friend then all forms of flirting are usually acceptable. However if you are unsure or are uncomfortable with flirting then there are a few flirting tips to follow.

1. Eye contact is one of the best ways in trying to catch the attention of someone you are interested in.

2. Waving hello, saying hello or simply smiling to that person is another friendly way to flirt.

3. If conversation has already started then give the person some compliments as this is a sure way to let someone know that you are interested in them.

4. When flirting becomes physical it is important to not go overboard. So start by touching the person’s hair or a gentle rub on top of the hand.

5. Sending notes or poems is also another great way in which you can communicate to another person how you feel about them.

6. Playful teasing is also another fun way to flirt.

So if you feel uncomfortable flirting or did not have an idea on how to flirt before, then following these simple flirting tips is a good start to winning that special person over.