Thinking of jumping back into the dating game? So how do you know if you’re relationship-ready or just on a rebound? If you’ve been single for a very long time, how do you know if it’s finally time to take some risks? Sometimes it can be tricky to decide when is really the best time to start dating again. Especially if your last relationship did not go the way you wanted. Are You Relationship-Ready? Want to know for sure? Take this easy test… Good luck!

1. Are you still bitter about your ex?
a) Yes
b) No

2. Do you bring up your ex in conversations?
a) Yes
b) No

3. Have you been taking care of yourself?
a) Yes
b) No

4. How do you feel about meeting new people?
a) Can’t be bothered/I don’t feel like meeting anyone
b) Excited/optimistic/open minded

5. Do you enjoy your own company?
a) Yes, I don’t need anyone to rescue me when I’m alone.
b) No, I prefer having company. I dislike being alone.

6. When you meet someone new, you…
a) build a wall/super cautious/feel suspicious of their intentions
b) keep an open mind/explore the possibilities/try to get to know them before making judgements

7. When you meet someone new, you…
a) quickly fall for them and can’t wait to get into another relationship
b) take it slow, get to know them before deciding if they are right for you

8. You still keep up with what your ex is doing (via social media/asking friends)
a) Yes, I am still curious
b) No, I don’t have time for that and I don’t really care anymore

9. The last time you were in a relationship was…
a) less than 12 months ago
b) more than a year ago

10. When you bump into your ex…
a) you get all riled up/nervous/angry
b) you may not like them but their presence doesn’t really bother you that much.


How did you do?

Add up all the points based on your answers:
1. a) 0, b) 10
2. a) 0, b) 10
3. a) 10, b) 5
4. a) 5, b) 10
5. a) 10, b) 5
6. a) 5, b) 10
7. a) 5, b) 10
8. a) 0, b) 10
9. a) 5, b) 10
10. a) 0, b) 10

If you scored less than 60 points
You might be close to being ready, but to ensure the success of your next dates and potential relationship, it’s important that you tick a few boxes: taking care of yourself, letting go of the past, feeling comfortable being on your own and also feeling optimistic and keeping an open mind when meeting new people. Don’t worry… you’re almost there!

If you scored more than 60 points
Congratulations! Most likely, you are ready to jump back into the dating scene. Keep up the positivity. Continue to take care of yourself, be confident and be open minded about where your dating journey might take you. You are on the right track to finding your Ideal partner.

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