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When Someone Asks You Why You’re Still Single

Single ladies, and men, listen up. The festive season is well under way. And so are those funny questions people tend to ask singles — “Why are you still single?” Grrr… we know how unpleasant it can be when people keep asking you that question year after year. All you want to do is to catch up with everyone over the holidays but there’s always that one aunt, cousin, or old school mate who is just dying to know why you haven’t sealed the deal.

From “I have seen you going to several weddings on your own and you seem to always be on your own” and “I don’t mean to be rude but I would like to inquire if you are gay so I can introduce you to my really good looking single guy friend” to “Why don’t you have a boyfriend? See… even (insert younger cousin’s name here) is going to get married soon” — You’ve heard a million versions of these.

So before you hit the road and face that eager crowd, here are 7 brilliant responses you can use when someone decides to ask you that dreaded question.

1. I’m just not into settling, you know. We don’t all find “The One” in high school.

And it’s totally okay that you’re taking your time to find the right person.

2. I’m making sure I have significant income before I have a significant other.

Financial Security is my middle name. Professional Matchmaker Linda Prescott said, “It’s not a bad idea to want to have a solid foundation before you go into a relationship. Just make sure you take action when you’re ready.”

3. Yeah, I’ve hired a professional matchmaker. I’ll let you know when I’ve found my match.

Because you’re a busy person and you let the pros help you skip toads and find “The One”.

4. Weddings cost a bomb and I have expensive taste. Why, are you looking to sponsor?

Clearly, you’re making sure you’ve got the funds for that special moment. Duh!

5. By the way, I just got promoted yesterday. Let’s talk about that, huh?

My booming career is just making everyone jealous.

6. Unfortunately, every person I’ve met online has been utterly unimpressive.

Because who is really honest in their online dating profile? Prescott said, “Many people tend to over-promise on their profile and then when you meet the person you realise you’ve been lied to.

7. Umm, because I haven’t found the right person yet? Yeah that’s why.

And make them understand that finding the right person is also about timing. “Some people even find their match the second time around. We’ve seen people get married, get divorced, and then discovering their true soul mate later on,” said Prescott.

We hope these responses will help you field those annoying questions. Good luck! Looking for your ideal match? Get started free by taking the compatibility match here.

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