Nine’s ‘Married At First Sight’ beat Seven’s ‘My Kitchen Rules’ with a premier audience of 1.32m viewers nationally. It’s clear that love wins. And that reality TV and love is the favourite concoction these days. Just how much reality TV romance do we like? Well, there’s ‘The Bachelor’, ‘Kiss Bang Love’, ‘The Farmer Wants A Wife’ and ‘Love Island’, need we say more? With the explosion of reality TV romance, it begs the question — Can you really find love on reality TV?

Whilst reality TV romance brings in the viewers, we can safely say, finding love on reality TV hasn’t been a recipe for success on the relationship front. With the exception of Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich, who tied the knot after having met on The Bachelor 2013 show,  others have left the same way they arrived — still looking for love. But why?

Falling in love is a personal experience.

Firstly, the experience of falling in love with someone is incredibly personal. But when you’re on a TV show, your romantic moments are also shared with makeup artists, stylists, camera operators, the director and the crew. So it could take away the little moments that could be truly special. We can’t blame the people working on the show, they’re there to produce a great show. But for those who want to find love on reality TV, you’ll need to ask yourself the question: “Can I filter everyone out and focus on this one person right in front of me?” If your answer is yes and you know what you’re getting into, you’ve won half the battle.

Love requires genuine interest and intention.

It’s not to say that everyone who goes on TV looking love is a fake romantic. Most of them do show that vulnerable side the genuine desire to find love; so much so that they’ve signed up to find it on TV. But we’ll have to be mindful that humans are humans and there will be a few who might not be investing everything they have to actually find love. From self sabotage to cheating with other contestants partners, you sort of question why they’re there. For love or for the drama? Finding love requires genuine interest. It requires your attention and genuine intention. If you’re there for something else, it will never work. If you’re like Tim and Anna who were really looking for The One, you’re off to a great start. Everything starts with genuine intentions.

Having options and compatibility.

Let’s face it. It’s a pretty daunting, to meet one person and decide this is The One. You’ll have to have absolute faith in the selection that has been made for you and see any challenges that come your way as teething issues. Making that commitment without seeing other options can be scary. Which is why we have seen partner swapping at the end of reality TV seasons and worse, cheating during the show. People tend to get scared when they feel, “This is it.”

The verdict.

Despite the challenges contestants might face in their quest of finding their one true love, we wouldn’t close the door on reality TV romance just yet. With matchmakers at your disposal, love-seekers still stand a chance; provided that they are absolutely compatible, focused on their partner and that their partner does not let them down. When it comes to love, no stone should be left unturned.

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