Welcome to 2021! Did you know that keeping busy makes you a whole lot happier than you would have been doing nothing? So, if you’re looking to fill your mental jar with new activities, here are some Creative Hobbies to Try in 2021.


Hand Lettering

Creative Hobbies to Try in 2021 brisbane dating

Creative Hobbies to Try in 2021 – Hand Lettering.

Hand lettering is the creation of artistic lettering. Unlike traditional handwriting, it is more to do with drawing or painting letters as every letter is formed from different repeating shapes. It requires focus and a great deal of precision and creativity, making it the ideal hobby to take your mind off things. Hand lettering is a great skill to have. It doesn’t just fill your time with a creative activity but soon you will find yourself producing beautiful labels and posters for your home and also greeting cards for friends and family. Here’s a guide with tools and tips to get you started. Curious about what hand lettering looks like? Watch this video.


Sculpting Clay

Creative Hobbies to Try in 2021 brisbane dating

Creative Hobbies to Try in 2021 – Sculpting Clay.

If you love working with your hands, sculpting clay is a great way to engage your creative side, and the best part? Clay can be sculpted not only into decorative items but also functional pieces. For beginners, you don’t really need fancy tools. You can start sculpting using basic hand techniques and add decorative patterns using simple household items like forks, fabrics and even leaves and flowers from your garden. Here’s a great guide to help you get started. Want to take it to the next level? Here’s an Introductory Wheel Throwing Class you can try. Once you are confident, you can even start selling your craft at markets or online.


Chocolate Making

Creative Hobbies to Try in 2021 brisbane dating

Creative Hobbies to Try in 2021 – Chocolate Making.

Making chocolate is a creative hobby that comes with a sweet reward at the end (pun intended!). Not only is it very satisfying, it will also endear you to your friends and family, who will love your delectable treats. Chocolate making is easier than you think and once you get the hang of it, you’ll find yourself experimenting with different toppings and decorations. You can always learn how to make chocolate by following online tutorials and if you prefer a hands-on class, there are also chocolate making workshops in Brisbane like the ones by New Farm Confectionery and Chocolate Country.


Leather Working

Creative Hobbies to Try in 2021 brisbane dating

Creative Hobbies to Try in 2021 – Leather Working.

Leather working might sound complicated but once you have been exposed to the steps and the tools, you will find that it is one of the easiest trades to get into. With stores like Bunnings and Spotlight, you’ll find everything you need to complete your first leather project. The best thing to do when you’re just beginning is to make something that interests you and that is smaller and simple to make so you can focus on honing your skills without giving up. Here’s a good beginner’s guide to leather working. Also, check out this video on leather working for beginners.


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