Admit it. It has crossed your mind before. That friend you’ve known for ages, suddenly you start noticing all the great traits that makes them the perfect partner. Why didn’t you see them that way before? Would it be weird? Is dating a friend okay? Now, hold your horses, Before you spill your heart out to your friend, there are things you need to consider. Brisbane’s leading Professional Matchmaker Linda Prescott reveals her top tips…

Dating a friend? Things can get weird, at first

Yikes! What happens after you’ve kissed a friend? The first time you kiss, go on a “date” or get intimate with someone you’ve been friends with for a long time, it can feel a little awkward. If you find that the relationship can progress into a romantic relationship naturally and with ease, you might have hit jackpot. But if that awkwardness doesn’t go away after a while, that’s probably a good sign that you’ve better off as friends.

Be clear about what you’re really after

Since you are already friends, it would probably be easier for you to be honest about where you see the relationship going. The last thing you want is for you or your friend to be hoping for something more and the other hoping for a ‘friends with benefits’ situation. Honesty is the best policy to avoid any of you getting hurt if the relationship goes sideways.


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Dating a friend: There are pros and cons.

Be ready if the relationship doesn’t pan out

Before you even start dating a friend, know that sex can change everything. The thought of seeing each other in your birthday suits or the intimate moments you’ve shared might be hard to forget. Sometimes this causes the relationship to breakdown completely. If you don’t think you can get past a failed romance with your friend, think twice before jumping in.

A smooth friendship might not translate into a smooth romance

Although your friendship has been fabulous, there’s no guarantee that the romance will be just as fabulous. Sometimes the chemistry as friends doesn’t translate into romantic chemistry. Also, as friends, you might have only been exposed to rainbows and sunshine, whereas as a romantic couple, your friend-turned-love interest could be completely different. People tend to reveal less things about themselves or hide personal struggles until the relationship is taken to a deeper level. Make sure you understand that a compatible friend might not be a compatible partner. If you can handle the change in dynamics and intensity, and keep the communication open, you might have a good chance of keeping this new romance alive.