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Dating Habits to Leave Behind- Set Yourself Free in 2020

Can you believe it?Another twelve months have passed and we’re welcoming a brand new year! And with every new year, comes self reflection and the desire for self improvement. But what about dating? Are there bad dating habits you should break? Wow, you’ll be surprised, there are so many toxic dating habits that have been holding you back from finding your true love. Ideal Introductions Professional Matchmaker and Relationship Expert Linda Prescott reveals the top dating habits to leave behind to set yourself free. And once you’ve done that, you’ll have a clean slate and a better chance at starting a healthy relationship.

1. Unavailable? Bye!

People can be unavailable in so many ways. It’s not just married people that are unavailable. There are plenty of single people who are still unavailable too. Some are emotionally unavailable because they are not ready for a real relationship or have had a recent breakup. “This is why we make sure our clients have been single for at least 12 months. So that they are emotionally available and are ready to date,” says Linda Prescott. However, there are people who are also making themselves unavailable to you… always too busy to meet up, not answering your call or sometimes even cancelling on you. If you want to enjoy a positive dating experience and start a healthy connection, this 2020, stop chasing people who are unavailable.


2. Ignoring the Red Flags

“I always tell clients to try and keep an open mind and explore the possibilities. But that doesn’t mean you should just turn a blind eye when you notice something that could be seriously wrong,” says Linda. No matter how people try to be on their best behaviour, sometimes they show us glimpses of their real self. For example, you might notice that the person you’re dating can be a little to possessive and insecure. Instead of trying to convince yourself that it’s okay and that they’re only behaving that way because they really care about you, you should see it as a sign of what the relationship will be like in the future. There are many red flags you should not ignore… if the person is irresponsible, too jealous, makes you feel unworthy and inadequate. Remember, stop ignoring red flags that could be telling you clues about your relationship.


3. Thinking You’ll Fail

Yes of course it pays to be cautious. But you can’t be dating with a negative mindset. Linda says, “Look at dating as your opportunity to explore and to get to know someone. Instead of finding faults and weaknesses, keep your mind open.” This is different from the red flags which are serious things to not miss. This is about starting something with a positive mindset. Besides, positivity is attractive. Rather than thnking, ‘I know this isn’t going to work’, shift your mind to say, ‘I’m excited to see where this goes.’


Here’s to a year of love and happiness. I would like to wish you all a wonderful 2020 and may you find your true love.


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