There are still plenty of men out there who want to impress a woman and who are dating for the right reasons. Though you may not necessarily realise it, you have the power to be Dating Like A True Gentleman. Going in with the right approach is part of it, and beyond that it’s also about determining what you can do to make her feel important. The fact that you put thought into this will help you to stand out from the crowd.

There are a lot of men out there who date for the wrong reasons. There are a lot of men out there who date just to date, or to get something out of a woman. You know that you are not this type of guy, and now it’s up to you to show her that once and for all. Though you may have your moments of uncertainty, if you put forth the right attitude it will show her that you are a genuine guy that she should truly get to know. It’s not as hard as you might think and it may make all the difference in the world. Though they may seem to resist it, many women just want to find a nice guy and a true gentleman in the end.

If you feel unsure of how to be Dating Like A True Gentleman and show her that you are truly a man of substance, here we look at a couple of ways to do so. You will find that this wins her over, makes you feel better about yourself, and ultimately contributes to a much more successful dating life ahead!

Be positive and use good manners.

It sounds so obvious and it’s something that we should do anyhow, but always keep it in mind. Hold the door for her, plan the date, let her walk into the room first. These small gestures add up big time in the way of showing her that you are a true gentleman. She is probably not used to this because there are too few men out there who use simple but effective good manners, and this is much to their detriment in the end.

Be sure that you listen as much as you talk.

She wants to learn about you, but she also needs you to listen. Don’t get caught up in the trap that so many men do, in that they never listen to this woman before him. Talking and listening in a give and take, and the sooner that you recognise this, the more that you will win her over. Listen to her and really show that you are doing so, and it will all add up to good things in the end.

Really take the time to get to know her.

Take things slow and never rush through them. Get to know her and what she’s all about and it will pay off for you in the end. This benefits you because you can be sure of what you are getting with her. It benefits your dating game because it shows that you are a nice guy who really wants to truly get to know her. She will be impressed by this and it only helps you in the long run to find a woman that is a great match for you in every way.

Don’t speak negatively, keep it positive.

Avoid the tendency that so many men do in bashing their ex-girlfriends. Don’t talk badly about others, particularly if you are new into the relationship. Though you may want to vent to your friends, when you are first getting to know a woman avoid talking negatively about others—your positive attitude can speak volumes in a number of different ways!

Make her feel special and show her a good time.

It doesn’t need to be elaborate, but do put some thought into it. Get her flowers, take her to a nice dinner, and just make her feel special by giving her your undivided attention. It sounds like an obvious part of a date, but it’s often overlooked. You are Dating Like A True Gentleman if you work to make her feel as special as she is.

Don’t go in with assumptions, just live in the moment and try to have fun.

A gentleman goes in with an open mind and no expectations. You are going in to try to get to know her and that’s it. Enjoy this time, be yourself, and this will all show that you are a man of substance.

You may not realise it, but you are likely more of a gentleman than you give yourself credit for. Be yourself, be in tune to what she is looking for, and this can all lead to a wonderful future ahead with a great woman who sees you for all that you are.