Oooo… juicy! But wait… before anyone gets all arms up, let me be clear. If Tinder has been working well for you, by all means, carry on. However, if you feel like you want to explore other ways of finding that Ideal partner, this story is for you. Shannon K. who has been in the dating scene for three years says, “I have met some really nice people online and have enjoyed many dates. But I feel like I am at the point in my life where I am ready to commit. But as soon as I make that intention, that expectation clear, I realise the people I’m meeting don’t have the same goal.” Shannon is not alone. In fact, many singles spend years meeting people via dating apps only to discover that the people they meet don’t really want a relationship. Are there dating methods better than Tinder? Absolutely.


Let your friends play cupid

“I met Joe through a friend. We were part of the same circle of friends and just kept on bumping into each other at these parties. Eventually Joe and I started hanging out without the others, ” chuckled Sarah. Meeting someone though friends is not a bad idea at all. Because you’re not meeting someone who is a complete stranger and you have the opportunity to do some “research” (read: snooping) before you commit. People you meet through friends are people that can be vouched for, people that your friends think are good enough to be introduced to you. Whereas on Tinder, there is really no knowing what your date is really like. Not everyone is who they say they are on dating app profiles. If you’re wanting to meet people through friends, don’t be shy… make it known that you’re in the market. And be clear about what you are looking for.


Meet people through your hobby

If you want to meet someone who shares your passion, going to places that are linked to the things you enjoy doing can really help. For example, Melanie J. met her husband at the gym as they were on the treadmill side-by-side. David invited her out for a healthy lunch post exercise and the rest is history. “The last place I thought I’d find a husband is the gym, honestly. But true story… if I hadn’t gone to the gym that afternoon, I’m not sure what my love life would be like today,” said Melanie. There are many places where you can meet people based on hobbies. For example, the golf club, rowing club, swimming groups, gardening groups, walking groups and volunteer groups. The more time you spend in these places and meeting the people who share your interest, the higher the chances that you could meet someone who is compatible with you. Sharing the same interest or passion means that it’s easier to think of conversation topics. And that could give you a dating experience better than Tinder. You can both enjoy chatting about what you are both currently doing in relation to the hobby/cause. And when you’re ready, why not invite them to join you at the next group meeting/walk/session? Going out for coffee afterwards is also a more relaxed way to ask someone out and to get to know them.


Make a connection at an event

You’ll never know who you could meet at an event. Sometimes a professional connection can bloom into something more romantic. Especially if you both have things in common and good chemistry. It might be a little awkward asking someone you meet at a work or industry event out. But stay positive. One good way to get a second meeting with someone you are interested in is to suggest another event that you could both attend together… like a semi date. The more time you spend with this person, the more you will be able to get to know them. It’s a great way to connect with someone rather than swiping right and not knowing what the other person is really expecting from you.


Through family

Similar to introductions by friends, family can also be a great way to meet new people. Often, parents who believe their kids are ready to tie the knot will share their desire with friends. In fact, mothers especially, love playing cupid! Instead of shutting the door on this idea, why not explore it? One thing though, if it doesn’t work out for some reason, the parties involved (your date, your family, your family’s friends) can be affected. However, having said that, family introductions can be successful as there is still away for you to learn real things about your date before you meet. Unlike online dating which can leave you very vulnerable, the fact that your family knows this person and knows that you are meeting up with them makes the date less worrying.


Use a professional matchmaker

Could traditional matchmaking be better than Tinder? Well, unlike online dating where you might be left to figure things out on your own, having a matchmaker can really benefit you as you get to draw from their experience to improve your dating skills. Matchmakers have seen it all and they know what works and what does not. For example, at Ideal Introductions clients work directly with a real Matchmaker instead of relying on a bot for their Love life. Our Matchmakers are approachable, knowledgeable and professional and offer ongoing support, advice where needed.

But the best part? Matching based on compatibility rather than a profile photo. Ideal Matchmakers utilise a profiling system has been fine-tuned over more than two decades and is spot on with cutting to the core of every new member. You can also be assured that all Ideal members are emotionally available and genuinely relationship ready. So you are not wasting your time with dates who are not serious or not looking for the same thing as you. We pride ourselves on our genuine desire to help our members achieve healthy, happy and lasting relationships.

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