Sometimes you just know that someone is into you. But just like those comedies we watch on TV, signals can cross and what we thought was a sign really wasn’t. How do we know if they are into us and that we’re not imagining things?

Ideal Introductions’s Chief Matchmaker Linda Prescott says, “It’s the most intuitive thing in the world: a subliminal body-language move called mirroring.”

Mirroring is when you subtly copy a person’s stance and gestures.

“Echoing someone fires up the cells in his or her brain that are involved in feelings of empathy. These neurons signal that the two of you are in sync. It works whether you’re impressing a new boss or charming a dinner companion,” says Linda.

But how does it work?

Do this on a date: Mirroring is most effective when it happens unconsciously, so get absorbed in the conversation. You’ll probably begin naturally aping your dates movements, like leaning toward them when they leans in.

Tip: Notice whether your date is mimicking you too; if so, it’s likely they are into you.

When imitating someone, don’t be too exact or it can appear contrived — e.g., if your date picks up their wineglass, wait a beat and then lift your glass with the opposite hand.

“Mirror neurons respond to sounds as well, so experiment with matching your cadence and tone to your dates. For example, if they speak faster than you do, accelerate your tempo a bit,” adds Linda.

Who is Linda Prescott?

Linda is a Relationship Expert and this is Linda’s 25th year at Ideal introductions. With almost 1100 marriages to her credit, she can officially claim the coveted title of Brisbane’s very own ‘Love Guru’.

“Throughout my career I have personally interviewed over ten thousand singles and have countless wonderful memories. Bringing happiness into people’s lives makes every day special – coming to work is more like a passion than a job to me,”

“We hold people’s hearts in our hands on a daily basis. We are always careful, guiding and sometimes delivering my tough love when needed, but we always work together as we have the same long term goal, which is to help our members achieve happiness”.

Linda works closely with her clients. She profiles each member, helping them understand themselves and who is compatible to them, which is the foundation to forming a long-lasting partnership.