Have you ever gone on a date and felt like everything went well except, you never hear from your date again? You made sure you looked presentable, wore your best outfit and went all out to impress your date. What happened?

If you’re going to a job interview or business meeting, of course you want to come across confident, intelligent, organised and structured. These are great qualities to have. But if after a nice date, the only way a date can describe you is “confident, intelligent, organised and structured”, you’ve been friend-zoned.

Despite your intention to make a romantic connection, you might have actually made a professional connection. It’s a clear sign that you need to change the way you date or all you’ll be growing is your LinkedIn connections.

What type of feedback signals that a date is more than interested to see you again?
“Fun loving, flexible, easy going and laughs easily.”

Yes, potential partners get turned on by intelligence but it’s not the only thing they are attracted to. It’s also your personality and how they can imagine you being in their life romantically.

So what do you do?

  1. Think about your intentions – Are you out there to make a romantic connection? Then consider the topics you talk about. Leave work at work and talk about YOU! What you love doing for fun, what makes you tick, holiday wish list, and anything that shows your personality and easy going side.
  2. Loosen up – Take a deep breath and leave your working hat at home. It’s time to relax and take the time to get to know your date. Turn that nervousness into excitement!
  3. Make plans – Before the night ends, make plans to meet again. It’s not a job interview where you typically wait to hear from the recruiter. If you would like to see your date again, make a move. It doesn’t have to be another restaurant date. Think of something simple and easy. Maybe brunch at a new cafe, checking out the markets, catching the latest movie or even just coffee in a quiet cafe.