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5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 1, 2019
Bottom line, good work quality
So, after joining with Ideal your team swung into action, like a well oiled machine. Kimberley rang me to introduce herself as my Matchmaker, Christine delivered on her promise of an introduction, with a text with the contact info. Brittany confirmed the Introduction by text, with some recommendations for Restaurants for lunch. Then a Mobile sent me your “top tips text” and I had some communication with Breanna as well. Am I missing anybody? I do understand that you are in a profession which has its own challenges and is dealing with the most challenging market of all, the human perception of ourselves, of others, and our own human emotions. Sounds like playing tennis in the fog! My compliments to you Linda!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 02, 2019
Timing is Everything
If you’re looking for love I can’t recommend Ideal highly enough! From the moment I first met Linda I was impressed. In the first five minutes of having met Linda she had me profiled to a tee and within weeks I was on my first date. Admittedly my first date, though a quality lady, wasn’t a good match but that just proved to be a sighting in date and every match made since has been a dead set winner. If you are tired of wasted time and money on dates that go nowhere, dealing with the dysfunctional and emotionally unavailable and meeting people that you have little in common with then I recommend you invest in your love life by engaging the services of Ideal, put your trust in Linda and her truly amazing team of professional matchmakers, give yourself over to the process and you will find that special someone.