What do shows like The Bachelor, Too Hot To Handle, and Sexy Beasts have in common? Other than being binge-worthy, you get to witness people exchange painfully embarrassing banter in the hopes of a romantic connection. Though it is highly entertaining to watch, it’s not as cute when you have to go through it IRL – especially if flirting doesn’t come naturally. So, what exactly do you say to avoid flinches, winces, and eye-rolls? Linda Prescott shares the secrets in Fun Flirting Techniques That Are Not Cringey. Enjoy!

Not everyone has game and even if you do, flirting can be nerve-racking and scary. It is a vital part of courtship and not something you can avoid completely. Flirting techniques are used to first establish a connection and, over time, to maintain a relationship. Whether someone’s caught your interest or you’re keen to show someone that they’re highly desired, here are 8 non-cheesy tactics you can try to up your flirting game.

Exude confidence

Confidence is sexy but there is a fine line between being confident and having too much confidence. How do you strike a balance? Quiet confidence is what you should aim for and it’s about knowing your self-worth minus the arrogance. It starts by knowing your strengths and limitations and being sincere as well as humble about them.

Pay compliments

None of those “Did you fall from heaven?” type pick-up lines. Give genuine compliments. This shows the other person how you really feel about their outfit, personality, looks, etc. Noticing and acknowledging their unique quirks and characteristics are great ways to make them feel special as well.

Touch them subtly

The trick is not to make it too noticeable that you’re touching. You don’t want to come off as being too touchy-feely in the beginning stages. Subtle skin-to-skin contact which happens when you’re sitting shoulder-to-shoulder or gently dusting away an ant from their arm can indicate romantic interest. If they move away from the casual touch, you’ll know the feeling isn’t mutual. If it’s mirrored e.g. they lean against you in response, then your interest is likely being reciprocated (Because you tend to move closer to people you like). But be careful not to make advances that are inappropriate, that could land you in hot water.

Smile like you mean it

No one can resist a smile especially when it’s an honest one. When a smile is genuine, you’ll display crinkling on the side of the eyes and there’s a noticeable sparkle in them too. When you are truly attracted to someone, your whole face will light up when you smile at them; and that is the look you want them to see.

Make them laugh

When you make an effort to make someone laugh or smile, you’re trying to impress them with your sense of humour. It’s also a way for you to gauge theirs. Gentle teasing is also a flirting technique that works to capture the person’s attention and create playful banter. Just remember to keep teasing kind and lighthearted.

Do something nice

Offering to help walk them to their car, deliver dinner to them during a late night at the office, or help fix a leaky tap (with no hidden agendas and because you want to) show you care about their wellbeing. Which in turn can tug on their heartstrings.

Slip their name into the convo

Using the person’s name when you’re talking to them is an easy way to try to create an immediate connection. Hearing someone use your name in conversation is more personal and shows that they are interested in you and keen on making you feel closer to them.

Hold that eye contact

Not in a creepo way. Holding eye contact when you’re talking to them for a few seconds longer than usual adds intimacy to the situation. If your love interest is across the room, try to catch their attention then hold their gaze and smile before looking away. That should ignite some sparks.

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