How Important is it to Share an Interest to Connect? We all know it can be a challenge to find that right person that we are completely happy to spend the rest of our lives with. Let’s start by taking physical attraction as an example, this can only last so long. Eventually, you do have to be able to connect, have conversations about life and together as a team, deal with the successes and challenges that life throws your way. There are lots of pieces of advice we have received at some point in our lives about who we should settle down and build a life with. Much of this advice has been passed on by a close friend or family member, telling you to find someone who is from a similar background – whether it be for cultural, social or economic reasons. This advice for the most part comes from a good place with their best intentions. However, have you ever thought of getting advice from a professional matchmaker? The world has varying methods of matchmaking. Look at India as an example, according to research – arranged marriages were as high as 90% in 2016. In the same studies in the same year, divorce rates were only 1.1% in India, the number suggests that traditional matchmaking can lead to long term relationships. Whilst arranged marriages aren’t the answer for everyone, it does illustrate that matching people based on common interests and personal values can go a long way to its success.

Here’s some reasons why it’s important to share common interests in a relationship.

It sets the foundation at the start of a relationship

If you like exercising or going to the gym and your partner shares the same interests this is a great indicator that you both have a genuine care for your health and wellbeing. This can help you early on in a relationship as an indicator of what can lie ahead. If there are not many common interests from the start this can pose some potential future issues. Don’t assume that because you are physically attracted to someone the rest will just fall into place. There needs to be a solid foundation.

Keeps the relationship interesting

If you both love going out to dinner and the movies this can be a lot more fun doing this together. Rather than you both staying home – sitting in separate rooms streaming your own movies. You don’t have to necessarily agree on the same movie or both love the same movie genre but the fact that you both enjoy going out can make the relationship much more fun. It is not what you do together but how you interact while doing it.

You won’t disagree over your values

To share an interest means that you both will argue less over important issues like religion or politics. This can be particularly important if you are planning a family together. The Pew Research Centre (2016) shows that 44% of adults surveyed said that shared religious beliefs were important for a successful marriage.

It creates greater bonds and you are involved in each others lives

Having similar interests will ensure you spend lots of important time together and won’t struggle to find things to do on an excursion or the correct location to holiday at. When you have lots in common with your loved one – it’s a great start to building a strong long lasting relationship. You share intimacy, chemistry and can become the best of friends.

A female friend once explained this to me after being set up through a family member who they thought would connect well with. He was an overachiever academically with a successful career as a lawyer. They were both of similar age, no children from previous relationships. Everything was pointing towards a great match! There was one slight concern to be raised. They both had slightly differing religious views. The initial connection was great and they were able to work out what they wanted once they had children. They both agreed on a united front the direction they would take for their future family. They are happily married today with three children after ten years together going strong! Having common interests and shared beliefs is indeed important for the success of relationships. It comes back to having a great foundation from the start and this can be a huge help to avoid any long term problems in a relationship.

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