Did you know that one of the easiest ways to kill a relationship is by being jealous? That’s right, jealousy not only kills any attraction you once had but actually moves you further apart. Jealousy can ruin your relationship as it shows insecurity and neediness to the point where it’s unbearable for anyone to be around… even your friends!

The thing that causes that jealousy to boil up inside is your mind playing tricks, which stems from your self worth, if you think you aren’t good enough for your partner then they will begin to think this too and this can lead onto cheating… hence you constantly wanting to know what they up to.

The most common source of jealousy is an experience in our past in which someone has betrayed our trust, which as a result causes us to project our old insecurities onto our current relationship.

Obvious symptoms of jealousy include becoming suspicious or upset every time you see your partner text another woman or man, or if you see them talking to another woman or man at a party and feel the need to break it up.

This is such destructive behavior for a relationship, particularly if your partner is actually very trustworthy and has to constantly explain their actions to you.

Here’s how jealousy can ruin your relationship:

1. They will distance themselves from you emotionally

If your partner happens to be very trustworthy, and you’re constantly accusing him/her or getting suspicious every time he or she gets a text, what you’re doing is actually pretty offensive.

Because what you are actually subconsciously communicating is this: “I don’t trust you to behave when you’re not with me”.

This lack of trust will make him or her lose respect for you and they may start to emotionally withdraw from the relationship if they feel like you don’t believe they can stay faithful.

2. They will start to resent your company

If you start getting on his or her case about enjoying others company when you’re out together, they will simply stop inviting you out.

If someone thinks you’re going to be difficult, then they will see you as a burden and try to find ways to get away from your company so that they can relax and be themselves without having to babysit you!

3. The more you act jealous, the more they will flirt!

This is an interesting point about our psychology. If you get emotional, protective and upset whenever you see your partner flirting with others, they might start to realise that you are giving them so much ‘attention’ for it.

By showing them ‘attention’ you are showing a form of love, even if you’re angry. So what your partner may start to associate in his or her head is that whenever he or she wants your ‘attention’, all they has to do is flirt and you’ll come running to their side.

So even if they were not flirting before, now they are going to make sure they do because they know a way to get all that sort of love and ‘attention’ needed – even its the wrong sort of ‘attention’!

So that’s how you deal with jealousy… simple right? It only takes a small amount of time to make the changes when you realise some of these common forms of jealousy, your partner will feel much more attraction towards you if you can tame the evil monster.

If you’re still having trouble with your relationship and simply can’t trust your guy or girl then there may be some other issues that run deeper and may need some professional help.