Believe it or not, there was a time when women used to sit by the phone and wait for a guy to call after that first date. Yes, I’m serious. Luckily, in our modern world, it isn’t such a faux pas for women to call first. But if you want to get him to call you and make the first move, these tips might be useful.

Be honest

If you want things to go beyond the first date, make sure you have been real. Stay away from bragging or pretending you’re someone else. Men aren’t stupid, they can tell a bull-shitter a mile away. Trying to impress him with facts is OK (I mean don’t we all?) – but making it up isn’t so great.

Keep it light

When it comes to a first date, it’s not your makeup or your dress that will make him think about you. It’s the conversation you have with him and having your own opinions. Keep it witty and breezy. Good-natured, flirtatious badinage is what you want. If you have a matchmaker, they can give you a heads up on what your date likes so you can do a little research. If you’re on your own, just remember to leave the heavier stuff like work woes for when you’ve made a solid connection. And hey, do plenty of listening, too. He’ll love that.

Don’t sound too needy

The last thing you want to say at the end of a date is “So… I’ll hear from you soon, right?” or “Are you going to call me?” Men like women who are sure of themselves. So all you should be doing is thank him for a great night and wish him a safe drive home. You’ve done all you can so the next step is to let him call you. Or…

Be the one to call

Why wait? This isn’t 1950. Give it two or three days after the first date and send a text, paving the way for that phone call. Don’t worry about coming across as ‘pushy’ or a ‘stalker’ – he may be shy and really glad you got in touch. What’s the worst that can happen? A refusal? That’s okay, there’ll be others. Don’t die wondering. Put yourself in control. A woman who is confident is a sexy woman.

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