Are you the type to shy away from taking credit? Even for the things that you’ve achieved yourself? We know, sometimes it’s not easy receiving praise or even telling people about how amazing you are. Well, it’s time you give yourself a pat on the back and Relationship Expert and Brisbane’s Leading Matchmaker Linda Prescott shares How to Start Giving Yourself Credit.

Forget the past

Just because you made a mistake in the past, or didn’t do well in a previous task or project, doesn’t mean you aren’t amazing now. Let go of the past and stop worrying about the future. If there are goals that you have hit, personally or professionally, give yourself credit. For example, if you’ve managed to get up early this week to go to the gym… even once, give yourself credit for trying as it’s been freezing! The same with work, if you’ve hit your first deadline, give yourself that pat on the back as this will make you feel good about yourself and you will feel driven to do better.

Take responsibility of your own decisions

Do you tend to blame others for your failures and mistakes? If you do this, you may also have trouble giving yourself credit. You cannot take ownership only for the good in your life and not the bad. Harness the power of taking complete responsibility for your own actions and decisions, and you’re on the road to being able to give yourself credit.

Search inwards rather than outwards

You know how they say “Self praise is no praise”? Well, that’s not entirely accurate. Although receiving praise from others makes you feel acknowledged and recognised, don’t forget the most important person in your life — you! We often look outside for praise and want others to notice our accomplishments. But be careful, this makes us base our self-worth on the opinions of others. If you’re not giving yourself credit first, you’ll never feel that others approve of you. So before you even look to others for recognition, make sure that you recognise the good things you have done or are working on. Self-love starts from the self!

Remind yourself you are awesome

Have you ever felt like you don’t deserve success? Well, stop listening to your inner monologue. These limiting beliefs only hold you back. The next time you notice negative self-talk or start blaming yourself for something that didn’t work out, replace it with empowering words and start giving yourself credit. A good way to remind yourself that you are amazing is to keep a journal of achievements. Make a list of all of your accomplishments, even the small ones. Maybe you’ve helped a friend in need, or hit the number of steps you were aiming for in a day/week or even paid all your bills on time. A journal will show you how far you’ve come, instead of how far you have left to go.

Surround yourself with the right people

Have you been spending time with people who have nothing to say to you but negative things? You are who you hangout with. If you have been spending time with people who are negative, this might be the reason you have not been able to see the great things you have been achieving. As Tony Robbins says, “We all get what we tolerate, in ourselves and other people.” So, raise your standards and start surrounding yourself with people who support you and celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small.

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