There are women who are attractive to men, but there are other women who impress men – women who leave men saying, WOW!

While I always tell our clients that they should always make an effort to look and smell good on their dates, impressing someone is not all just about looks. Want to know the secret?

It’s having your own opinion! Some girls might be tempted to agree with the man in all the things that he says so that he will like them. Yet, in the end, the guy will think that the girl does not have their own opinion. They will steadily lose the interest to that girl. So if you feel that you have your own perspective, you can agree to disagree without being disagreeable. It shows that you are confident but at the same time respects his opinions.

Having an opinion and being confident is extremely sexy. So combine that with a nice outfit, fresh makeup and a spritz of perfume, you’ll be irresistible!

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