Romance these days is all about swiping right, “Netflix and chill”, and sliding into someone’s DMs. Whatever happened to the good old days of old-fashion romance, you ask? The stories where you meet through friends and spend time getting to know each other before crawling into each other’s beds? Do they even still exist? Or are people just not bothered to go through the hassle?
What I’ve noticed about our generation of singletons is that no one has the time or patience to stop to smell the roses or work hard to maintain something meaningful. Thanks to the digital age, we have all grown accustomed to getting instant solutions to our problems (hello Google) and having things served to us immediately. Yet we all yearn for long-lasting and committed relationships…the sort that span out to 20 and if we’re lucky 50 years of marriage. This isn’t to say that instant gratification or forming relationships through non-physical, solitary means of interacting via a phone, tablet, or computer screen is all bad — it just hasn’t shown the best results statistically when it comes to exclusive connections and matters of the heart.

So it’s time to get real. Online dating apps though extremely convenient and ‘fun’ are notorious for meaningless hook-ups. Sadly, they can also lead to horrific ends (Warriena Wright who fell to her death on a Tinder date and Glenn Antony Dylan Hartland who was accused of raping women he met on Tinder are two examples recently reported in the news). Though there may be a number of success stories that have come out of venturing into the online dating realm, you will certainly have your work cut out for you if you’re looking to meet someone who’s genuine and keen on long-lasting relationships. After all, there’s only so much unwanted photos of private parts, ghosting, and invitations to get “intimate” that a person can handle before throwing in the online dating towel.

If you are serious about meeting a life-partner but haven’t had any progress in that department, your safest bet would be to rely on a matchmaking agency to help you in your quest. If you have been wondering what the differences between Matchmaking and Online Dating are, here are five reasons why you should stop wasting your time on those online dating apps and start investing in a matchmaker instead:

1. It’s a much safer option
The problem with most online dating apps is that no one gets vetted. It’s a free-for-all and you are often times left to depend on your gut instincts to help decide on whether to meet or swipe left. Personal matchmaking agencies make sure that everyone in their database goes through extensive screen checks. Each person would have been personally interviewed by the agency and they won’t be a total stranger.

matchmaking and online dating

2. Your dates are serious about finding love
There is often a fee attached to matchmaking services and there’s a good reason for this. It ensures that clients are provided with the best possible service in terms of match-ups. The fact that they’re willing to pay means that they are serious about meeting someone. The fee is also a guarantee that your potential matches will call you – no ifs or buts about it.

3. No more ghosting
In the world of matchmaking, you don’t have to deal with the sudden digital or offline disappearance of your potential beau who you thought had clearly expressed interest (an act otherwise known as ghosting). Matchmaking practices a much gentler and more civil approach to rejection. After a date, feedback will be provided to the matchmaker to determine both clients’ interest. The matchmaker will then take on the responsibility of letting either party down easily. No harm, no foul and most importantly no abrupt disappearance act leaving you to wonder what’s wrong.

4. You meet genuine people
Statistically a lot of people lie about themselves on online dating sites – commonly on their age, looks, stature, and occupation. So even though the best algorithms work to match users to their perfect mates, the fibs make the match-up flawed and false. Watching an episode of “Catfish: The TV Show” will give you an idea of the extent some people go through to lie about their identity. With matchmaking, each and every client are met in person to ensure they are physically, mentally, and emotionally who they say they are. Time is spent by the agency to get to know their clients and identify their personalities. So at the end of the day, it’ll feel like a friend introducing you their friend. Matchmaker Linda Prescott says, “There’s an art to matchmaking. Online dating can take away the magic of meeting someone. When it comes to finding the ideal partner, nothing beats the authenticity of a face-to-face introduction.”

matchmaking and online dating

5. Private and personal info stays confidential
Unlike online dating sites where you’re often swayed by looks, you’ll have no idea what your date looks like until you meet (or depending on the matchmaker sometimes pictures can be exchanged with “approved matches”). Often times you will be set up on a thoughtful and well-selected blind date. That way no decisions or judgments are made about a potential partner before you meet them – so you don’t miss out on the surprises or have things tainted by physical attraction. Your information will also be guarded by the matchmakers and treated with the highest degree of confidence so no one will find out you’re looking for love unless you tell them. (Yup that means no awkward ‘Guess whose profile I came across on (insert name of online dating app)’ at the office water fountain.)

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