Now hear me out, strong, independent woman. Men thrive on feminine energy.

This is NOT sexism.

This is about masculine and feminine energy, and the need for balance in a relationship between two people. Women have become wonderfully, amazingly self-sufficient, free, and strong since the women’s liberation movement.

This is not about surrendering our independence or equality.

What it is about is this… we have become so damn strong that many of us have no idea how to relax into our true feminine essence, where we can flow, allow vulnerability, and receive support from a man in his true masculine energy. It creates imbalance in a relationship where balance is the key to a fulfilling, thriving, passionate relationship. We must allow men to be men, and allow ourselves to be feminine (and yes, we can still be strong) women.

Did You Know?

Men thrive in their masculine energy, where they can be protector, provider, fixer, and hero. If we don’t allow them to rise because we are holding up our walls to be strong, they feel emasculated and powerless, and we don’t feel safe to express our true feminine energy.

Let them be men, and your strength as a woman will flourish.

Ready to exude that feminine energy?