“You can say that I’m successful and I’ve achieved the things most people dream of,” said Karen O’Sullivan, a 45-year-old lawyer. “But the one question that people never fail to ask me is ‘Why are you still single?'” Please don’t ask me why I’m still single…frankly I’m tired of hearing it.”

“Family events and reunions are when I usually get bombarded. And let’s not forget weddings!” said O’Sullivan.

According to O’Sullivan, she is single because she chose to focus on her career first. She did date when she was in her twenties and after a bad break up she put all her energy into her career and decided to revisit the dating scene later. “There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a personal choice and a choice that I made. I was always in the company of friends and I was happy,” said O’Sullivan.

A recent study pointed out that 40% of professional people remain single because they simply don’t have the time. O’Sullivan said, “When I first started, I told myself that I’m going to focus my effort on building my career. And I’ve done that. I’m also grateful that my job has enabled me to help my parents, buy me property, make some investments and help me see the world.”

“Now that I’ve done all that, I’m ready to meet someone and dedicate my energy and attention into the relationship,” said O’Sullivan who is thinking of getting the help of professional matchmakers.

“It’s the modern day. I don’t see why I can’t get some experts to point me in the right direction. If I’m too embarrassed to try this, I’ll miss out on some of the potential opportunities of meeting genuinely nice people,” said O’Sullivan.

Australia’s favourite matchmaker Linda Prescott said that there is nothing wrong with finding love later in life. “But once you are in a relationship you need to make it a priority. The person you are dating needs to feel that they are an important part of your life. If they don’t they will find someone that does.”

Prescott also believes that there is a time for everything. “We shouldn’t judge people for being single at a mature age. There is a reason for everything. Sometimes the best time of your life is just ahead of you,” said Prescott.

Do you think it’s right to ask someone why they are still single?