How many stories about the pursuit of love have you’ve heard that have made you truly believe that Love really is out there? Yes, the whole journey may involve a few frogs in between and a few fake romantics, but if that has you feeling hopeless about the whole love thing, take a look at stories. And remember that real, true, deep love is actually out there (even if that seems hard to believe at times).

True LoveDeborah Cox (51 years old)

Looking to meet a life partner, Deborah had tried online dating tools and when she found they weren’t working and she “wasn’t getting any younger”, she turned to matchmaking with Ideal Introductions.

“Yes, I had doubts in the beginning,” Deborah reveals, “But [my matchmaker] Moorea was always a phone call away. I was given lots of advice along the way and I had some great dates with lovely guys.”
When Deborah was matched with Brian, now 53, she said she knew quite early on that he was special.

“Brian walked me to my car after our first date on the Friday, which he scored huge brownie points for. We arranged to meet again on the Sunday for breakfast which flowed into the afternoon again,” Deborah recalls.

“The rest is history. We have six kids between us so we now have a huge family.”

From that first date in 2011 that started at GOMA and turned into a drink nearby, then dinner and then dancing, the couple were married in 2013 and Deborah’s two sons gave her away at the wedding.
“Brian wasn’t my usual ‘type’,” reveals Deborah when she explains why she’d recommend that everyone give matchmaking a try.
“Ideal seem to know more about you need rather than what you think you want,” she says, adding, ”The rest is history. We have six kids between us so we now have a huge family with two grandkids as well. Moorea, my matchmaker, even came to our wedding ceremony.”

True LoveCarrie Wilson (32 years old)

After not having any success with online dating, Carrie turned to Ideal Introductions because, she said, “Finding people online that wanted long-term commitment was hard.”
“It was strange not being able to see what they looked like,” she recalls of when she first starting with Ideal Introductions, “but it was part of the process and to think outside the square. A connection doesn’t always just build on physical appearance but that of personality and similar goals in life.”

While Carrie had some doubts about matchmaking initially, it was her bond with her matchmaker that helped her through the process.

“I had some doubt with whom I was being matched with,” Carrie reveals, adding, “I never gave up, though, and that’s when I started getting better matches. On Carrie’s sixth match, she was introduced to Gerritt, now 31.

“I just knew once I met the right partner,”

“I just knew once I met the right partner,” she says, “It was a different feeling. He’s now my best friend and my husband.” Carrie was matched with Gerritt through Ideal Introductions in 2011 and in 2014 he proposed. They were married in 2015 and welcomed a baby in 2016.

“I found the experience fun, and rewarding in the end, as I found the right person for me,” she smiles.

true loveRob G.

Before taking a chance on professional matchmaking, Rob spent ten years looking for the love of his life, Caty. On 5 August 2017, Rob and Caty had their very first date and the rest as they say, is history.

“Our love and care for each other is very deep. We have a very open and honest relationship. Caty is a beautiful lady whom I love dearly.

“Linda thanks for all your assistance and help.

“It took me 10 years to find Caty and I am not going to let her go.”



About Ideal Introductions: Ideal Introductions offers a personalised service to people looking for love, offering one-on- one, face-to-face interaction, customised to an individual’s needs and requirements.
Ideal was established in 1991 and is a licensed, government-compliant agency that operates by a strict code of conduct. Being leaders in the industry, it’s easy to understand why Ideal has over 1,100 weddings and thousands of happy couples to their credit.
Over two decades of business, one thing has remained constant; at their core, people are social creatures who crave love and companionship. But not just any love or companion, the type you get with the right partner.
Managing Director Linda Prescott says, “We exist as a medium to help people find a partner that most compliments them; the people who engage our services are emotionally intelligent, realise the importance of a great relationship and are prepared to seek professional assistance to make it happen. And the results are clear!”