Reviewed on May 20 2018.

I guess like a lot of males my age it can be quite daunting to get back in to the dating seen. After trying on line dating and not having much success I tried Ideal. Yes there is a cost, yes there is a different way of thinking about a date (they are selected for you) but for me that was part of the attraction. Not all dates would have been my preference however I gave all my dates the benefit of the doubt and had at least one date with them.
I signed up for 1 year and had some very good introductions but it wasn’t until the very last date that I felt I had to voice my opinion about the process of selecting a date for me based on the criteria I had given at the initial interview. I felt as though the team hadn’t listened to my requests. This is where I was most surprised, both Linda and Kimberly contacted me and made me a fabulous offer which I obviously took up and what a result. I have been with my partner now for over a year and life is great.
If your thinking of trying Ideal, take the time to talk openly about what you want from a date and don’t be afraid to be constructive about the dates you are presented with (the team aren’t mind readers) and it can take a little while to get it right. Last thing have a good time with the people you are introduced to, they are in the same boat as you

Reviewed by C.
Source: Google Review.