Exemplary Service So Far

Reviewed on Jan 22, 2018

I work a challenging and very demanding career that see’s me having a hard time finding like minded woman on the off chance I do enjoy a night out. I’m only 25, however probably appear allot older then my age would suggest both mentally and physically. My experience with Ideal has been 11/10 with the service provided by both Linda and Kim nothing short of perfect. They’re quick to respond to questions or follow ups and have suggested some amazing venues as date locations. The calibre of woman that I have been matched too, are down to the dot in what I’m looking for, however nothing has come to fruition yet which is definitely not a reflection of the Ideal team. In the world of gloried online dating app’s, I found this form of dating wasn’t for me, which is why I turned to the professionals to help with the next chapter of my life, seeing as I’ve got everything else in order. If you are considering Ideal, I would say take the plunge, I found them to be the best in the business and am enjoying the service they are providing me so far.

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