Great Experience with Results

Reviewed on Jun 13, 2017.

After some really bad experiences in online dating, a friend suggested I try Ideal. I have never looked back as it was the best thing I ever did.

I was with Ideal for some time as though the dates I went on were enjoyable, and the men were really lovely, there was always that something missing. Throughout the whole process Linda was there supporting me, listening to my feedback and also providing me great advice and encouragement. With each date, we tweaked my profile as through questioning from Linda, there were certain things I was looking for that I wasn’t even aware of until talking it through with Linda..

Anyhow, what do they say, good things come to those who wait, I have finally met the man that had the missing something. It’s been a year now and there’s still lots of fun, laughter, enjoying being with each other and looking forward to the future. If it hadn’t been for Linda I know I would never have met someone so wonderful.

I recommend Ideal and the wonderful Linda and I would also say, be patient, as sometimes that perfect someone doesn’t always show up straight away.

Reviewed by “Wild Child”.

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