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I had tried online dating on and off for years, mainly with pretty poor results, people looking nothing like their pictures or being nothing like the personality they describe. So I decided to try an introduction agency. I looked around at a few. Initially I went with a different one to Ideal, basically because it was cheaper. Well, you get what you pay for. I ended up with zero introductions, being blamed on where I lived. I then got my money back out of them. I then rang Ideal. I met up with Linda, very genuine and easy to talk to. We spent a while discussing what I was looking for.

Soon after I began to get introductions. How good was this ! From zero to actually getting out to meet women. The women I met were all along the lines of what I was searching for but it was unfortunate that I did not really click with any of them. After each date I spoke with either Linda or Kimberly who listened to my feedback and also passed on some feedback from the date, which was very helpful. After my membership ended I still got a few dates, which was a total surprise !!

Ideal do cost more than other agencies but they are worth it. The staff are always polite, helpful and listen to what you have to say. It is a great way to meet people you would never have the opportunity to meet. Through online dating, people tend to be fake or dishonest. People who have joined Ideal are genuine, you know they are looking for a relationship.

I have since met someone in the old fashioned way ! But being female she comes with her complications, of course in a nice way. Some of these have puzzled me so I sought advice from Linda. Even though my membership had expired Linda was more than happy to listen to me and give me advice, which has so far worked wonders.

I could not recommend Linda and her team highly enough.

Source: Verified Product Review.
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