Reviewed on January 23, 2018.

I was called up at work with a potential “match”. Brian was described to me – appearance, hobbies etc. He lived local. He was then asked by Ideal to call me at an arranged time. We chatted briefly & arranged to chat again soon to make our first date. We decided on GOMA.  Ideal encourage you to pick a fun date. The Friday afternoon date was great – relaxed & fun – laughing at our similar lack of knowledge on surrealism!! We then had a drink nearby…& dinner…& even went dancing. The night just flowed effortlessly! Brian walked me to my car – huge brownie points scored there!! I then texted him later to thank him for a lovely evening.

We exchanged a few texts the next day & arranged to meet again for breakfast on Sunday…which flowed into the afternoon again. We also discovered our love for Words with Friends – a scrabble app – we were hooked. No one has ever matched my competitiveness  – again huge brownie points! We texted most days – caught up again the next weekend. My 2 sons asked him to come inside, so they could meet him – the rest is history. We met 30th September 2011. We travelled together the following January – traveling really shows your true colours – we haven’t stopped traveling since!! We married in October 2013 – my sons giving me away. We had lots of shared interests – but have grown together – we discovered our love of food, cooking, wine….We now have a huge family of 6 kids – lots of extras – boyfriends, girlfriends and 2 grandkids. I think it helped that our kids are close in age & all get along.

Review by Deborah Cox.
Source: Email.
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