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“Matching Birthdays
After 57 years and 2 marriages, working hard to accumulate Wealth and a comfortable lifestyle.
I took on a Leadership program ( Ikighai )that renewed by Energy for life.
One of the parts was to get comfortable with myself and find a female partner.
I approached Linda at Ideal Introduction to assist me to find a female partner.
It started with a face to face meeting with Linda to understand Me and my perfect partner, interest and lifestyle. Linda lead me through the Ideal Introductions program.
We started with a Stylist looking at my wardrobe and taking me shopping for clothes that suites and the current fashion. A photo shoot to give me a current photo with my new clothes. Even I was impressed how I look and the comments that I had from friends was comforting.
Linda gave me the Ideal Introductions hand book for Men. Very good information for someone that hadn’t dated for 9 years.
Linda was easy to talk too and answered a lot of questions I had.
I was was nervous for the first phone call but the book gave me guidelines to follow so it was much easier than expected.
The first date went well and had a great night.
I came home excited and filled out my feedback form and sent it back that night . The feedback came back no second date.
The second date went great and was happy but unsure , filled out the feedback form and no second date.
Linda explained the reasons and I felt comfortable.
The third date went really well and I felt more comfortable.
Filled out the feedback form and we had a second date and a third date drink. This time I didn’t feel comfortable and spoke with Linda.
Linda phoned me a said I think I have someone you will really like.
I phoned and was very confident and arranged a date.
I went and meet the lady, we to nice restaurant for dinner and there were some friends on mine there so we moved to a table in the corner to hide like school kids, I had a AWESOME night.
Came home and filled out my feedback form and waited for Linda to call.
Yes a second date that lead into a a breakfast ( breaking the rules ) .
We now have shared cooking dinners, weekend ends away, fishing, walking, sharing with friends our new relationship.
It amazes me how much we really both like together.
I would like to thank Linda and her team at Ideal Introductions on their AWESOME work they have done getting me to forget about my fears of dating and finding me someone that I can share the same lifestyles together.”

Reviewed by Mark Crane.
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Ready for Love

All Ideal clients are ready for a long term relationship and not afraid of commitment.
You know you will not be wasting your time with people who are not serious about finding love.


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Genuine Singles

All clients are personally interviewed to ensure they have the right intentions.
They are looking for the same thing you are – a long term relationship.



Stable and Happy People

Each and every one of our clients earn a stable income and are in a happy place in their lives.
The last thing you need is meeting someone still not over their ex.


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Safe Dates

Unlike online dating, with Ideal, we know exactly who you are meeting therefore you will not meet a total stranger.
No more questionable characters and no more dangerous dates.



Professional Matchmaker

Linda Prescott has been a Professional Matchmaker for over 25 years.
She has personally worked with thousands of singles.
She has also appeared on TV and in print, giving dating and relationship expert advice.



Linda has helped more than 1,119 marriages to happen. She also helps candidates discover their true self as a partner.


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