Let’s be honest. No matter how long you have been with your partner, it must have crossed your mind at least once, are you and your partner a natural fit? Does a lot of arguing mean you’re not compatible? What if you don’t like each other’s hobbies and interests? Ideal Introductions Matchmaker and Relationship Expert Linda Prescott reveals signs you and your partner are a natural fit.

It’s effortless

When I say effortless, I don’t mean without effort. Of course, every relationship requires effort. But a relationship in which you and your partner are a natural fit, will feel smooth, easy, effortless. Spending time together does not feel forced and you’re also not stressed. You may spend a lot of time being around each other and not say anything but the presence and companionship can be felt and you feel content. Just knowing your partner is there makes you happy.

You complement each other intellectually

Okay, you don’t need an IQ test for this, relax. This is not about having to match IQs. It’s about being able to share and talk about ideas or issues in a mutually enlightening way, together.

The truth is, there are plenty of people who match in IQ levels but they’re still not able to exchange thoughts and ideas.

I always tell our Ideal Introduction clients that they don’t need to know the same things or be good at the same things, but they need to be able to maintain good conversation flow with each other and at least show some interest. Complementing each other intellectually also means that you can sometimes even provide critical input when needed like if your partner encounters a work issue and asks your general opinion, or similarly if you read something debatable in the news and your partner can share what their views are. This way the relationship will be more balanced and a genuine partnership can be nurtured.

You’re attracted to each other

So you’re incredibly sexually attracted to your partner, that’s great. But remember, while sexual attraction tends to spark things off, it doesn’t necessarily glue a relationship together. What might start as a fiery connection can actually fizzle out if there is no genuine attraction towards the actual person you’re dating. Not just the physical part but the psychological attraction — the way they smile, their mannerism.

I like to remind our Ideal clients that if you enjoy each other’s company and look forward to it even without the sex, you’re genuinely attracted to each other.

You can share good and bad news with your partner

Do you feel like walking on eggshells or worried that you might spark WW3? That might not be a good sign.

Are there certain things that you just don’t share with your partner? Do you feel like walking on eggshells or worried that you might spark WW3? That might not be a good sign. According to Clinical Psychologist Ryan Howes, couples that are compatible feel safe enough to share good and bad news with each other. Whether it’s a promotion or something you’ve stuffed up, you will have no problems sharing it with your partner. If your partner can be your biggest cheerleader and also your biggest backup support, it’s a good sign that you’re a natural fit.


Your core values don’t clash

What do core values have to do with compatibility? Well, everything. Core values are the foundation of a strong relationship. In the event that your relationship goes through a rough patch, sharing the same core values will make difficult decisions easier because you both have the same inner compass. What are core values? Well, they are your fundamental beliefs and the guiding principles that dictate your behavior. It’s what helps you understand the difference between right and wrong. This is so important because couples must share similar values, otherwise they will live in perpetual disappointment and resentment. Sharing the same core values will also mean that you are able to share meaningful conversations on what’s happening around you and in the world. For couples that are a natural fit, they are able to understand each other’s personal beliefs and these are emotionally related for deciding right or wrong.

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