How would you know if you are dating a fake romantic? Well, great question. As the years pass by, do you find yourself seriously considering the qualities you desire in a life partner. Someone compassionate, empathetic, supportive and understanding – a “true love” that fits your mould and betters your future. But, how do you even know when this true love crosses your path? The term itself can imply so many different things to different people because it is such a subjective matter. One of which we form based on our beliefs and what we were exposed to growing up.

If you were fortunate enough to come from a household of two parents who actively try to make their relationship work long term, then you might have a realistic grasp of what true love is. For others, your assumption of true love could be based on what you saw on television. And/or what you suppose to be the opposite of what your parents had. Either way, true love is a feeling that only you can ascertain yourself, not others.

Hence why we know that when it comes to romantic feelings, our hearts often take the lead and our brain lags behind. Making it hard to distinguish if you are pursuing a genuine relationship (headed to your version of a happily ever after) or a fake romantic that is destined to break your heart. That’s why we’ve got you covered with a few tell tale signs you could be dating a fake romantic.

It’s a one way love affair

The first and most obvious sign that your partner is not truly invested in your romance is that you are putting almost all of the work into keeping the relationship afloat. From being the one that organises the time spent together, to picking up the phone and reaching out (else it would be days before you even hear from them). And/or having to constantly compromise on things that bring you joy to keep your partner happy. At times you might even feel as though you are endlessly giving to the relationship and reaping nothing in return. “If your significant other truly loves you, they’ll be willing to meet you half-way and compromise. But instead, they’re happy to just let you do all the emotional labour in the relationship and shoulder all the responsibilities. They’re selfish and only care about themselves.” according to Psych2go. A fake romantic only thinks about themselves and will rarely, if ever make you a priority.

Never there when you need them

Another big indication that you are with a fake romantic is that they lack accountability and relationship responsibility. This means that when you enter a romantic partnership, you wholeheartedly take on the responsibility of being there for your partner in times of crisis to support them where needed. A comforting hug, a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on are what we crave in difficult times and what a loved one would naturally want to provide you – if they truly cared for you. So if you are with a fake romantic, they are never available when you need them, be it emotionally or physically. For whatever reason, they seem unable to support you and almost disinterested by your troubles. You might even feel as though your emotional needs during these trying times are a burden to them, leaving you feeling as though you can’t rely on them and are unworthy of their love.

Emotional detachment

No matter how hard you try, do you find it impossible to create an emotional connection with your significant other? It’s like an indestructible emotional wall that refuses to come down for you. You find yourself constantly probing them to figure out their psyche in an attempt to feel somewhat closer to them. That’s because a fake romantic will be non-communicative and provide little to no substance into their feelings and what’s really going on in their lives. One of the signs of a fake person/signs of a fake relationship is someone who never delves deeper than the surface. Without emotional intimacy, your relationship will never progress to anything more profound than friends with benefits.

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