Since the very first time we discovered the concept of attraction, we have intrinsically wondered if the object of our desire is attracted us.  And now into adulthood, we still  find ourselves pondering the same question – especially when on a first date with someone who has piqued our interest. It’s undeniable that dating is nerve-wrecking. Putting yourself out there in the hopes of meeting someone who finds you not only interesting, but also desirable can pull the cords on your own insecurities. This, at times can lead you into mental overdrive trying to dissect every little detail that took place on the date. Save your worries and pay attention to these signs that suggest that your date is attracted to you and will be wanting more than just a first date. Here are Signs Your Date Is Attracted To You as revealed by Relationship Expert and Professional Matchmaker Linda Prescott.


Can’t take their eyes off of you

According to body language expert Inbaal Honigman, eye contact is one of the key signs of connection and can be an important indicator of whether your date is interested in you. A sustained period of eye contact, without even touching each other can indicate that you and your date have chemistry – emotional or physical. He says “Eye contact is still the best indicator of desire. If someone likes you, they will look at you when you chat, maintain eye contact, and not search for their phone or the clock behind you with their eyes.” This is precisely why we tell our Ideal clients to put their phones away as even a quick look can signal you’re not into your date or are looking forward to leave. It’s like talking to someone and constantly looking at your watch!

Remember, the gaze is everything. Holding someone’s gaze can typically feel quite awkward and most people would only do so with someone they are comfortable with. So, if your date is longingly looking deep into your eyes, you can confidently assume that they are into you.


All in the touch

If you find your date giving you slight touches and finding ways of initiating physical touch with you, then you know they are attracted to you. Behaviour Analyst, Jack Schafer Ph.D writes that if you notice someone always finding opportunities to touch you, as you engage each other, then that’s a sign that they are attracted to you. “These kinds of touches often occur under the pretence of an “accident”, for example where a person brushes up against you or attempts to bump into your hand as you both reach for the wine bottle. Or they might reach out and touch your hand or playfully hit you when you make them laugh. All seemingly innocent actions, yes, but if you notice it’s frequent, take it as a show of interest!” 


They look hot and bothered

It could be in the dead of winter and your date is looking really warm and flushed in the face. They might even be slightly sweaty or mention that their hands are feeling clammy. This is because the body doesn’t lie. When you are around someone you find attractive, an adrenaline rush gets your  heart beating rapidly and increases your body temperature. Blood then rises to the surface of your skin, causing you to blush or look overly flushed. There’s some kind of attraction present and try as they will, their physical appearance will give away just how they are feeling towards you. 


Your date leans into you

Do you remember as a child sitting really closely to the television screen completely focused on whatever show that has captured your attention. Well as adults, not much changes. 

“If your date continuously leans in toward you, chances are it’s their nonverbal way of telling you they’re interested and engaged. That’s especially true if you find yourself in a group and they angle toward you,” said body language expert and psychotherapist Paul Hokemeyer. “A person who leans in toward you is revealing their interest in who you are, what you have to say and the addictiveness of your being,” he told Huffpost. “It shows they want more of you rather than less.”

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