We all hope to end up with our soulmate. Contrary to what many people believe, a life partner isn’t just a romantic partner but they can also be a close friend. A life partner is someone that perfectly matches you in every sense. But how would you know if you have actually found yours? Matchmaker and Relationship Expert Linda Prescott reveals Signs You’ve Found Your Life Partner.


The Chemistry is Strong

If there is any sign you shouldn’t miss, it’s this – the chemistry between you two is just so strong, it’s nearly impossible for you to stay away from each other. Chemistry is not just about sex as some people think. It means you really get along, you click and you actually like the person.
Look for: A deep urge or desire to be in each other’s life because you actually enjoy sharing and connecting.


Mutual Respect

This is probably one of the biggest signs you’ve found your life partner. When there is this strong sense of respect between you two and you can both feel free to be just who you are around each other, instead of pretending to be who you are not. If you accept each other no matter what, you easily forgive, love each other’s flaws or imperfections, and can even bridge your differences, there’s a good chance you’ve got it good.
Look for: Respect for each other’s ideas, challenges, love, and past. If you see this, it’s a sign you’ve found your life partner.


Communicating Without Words

Something like telepathy but not like the ones you see on TV. When you are deeply connected with someone at a soul level, you can tell when something’s not right. You’ll be able to see if they are off, and you have the ability to help each other get back on track. Similarly, when you’re both in a positive space, you can each detect it and benefit from those good vibes.
Look for: If one of you wants something, the other can guess it. You’re also able to communicate through visual contact and this is something you might not be able to do with others.


You Become Emotionally Matured

Emotional maturity means you can handle your emotions smartly. And rather than running away from your issues, your life partner will teach you to face your fears and get over them. You will start to stand firm and make improvements on yourself. This is one of the differences between a life partnership and an ordinary relationship.
Look for: You don’t explode with each other like children, instead you manage your emotions well. And instead of avoiding a problem, your life partner encourages you to overcome the hurdle.


You Become a Better Person

Your life partner actually does not make you a better person. You do that by yourself because of the effect they have on you, they inspire you. Your life partner really brings out the best in you. They are also the one person who knew you, accepted you, and believed in you before anyone else did, or when no one else would. And this makes you appreciate them so much so that you want to be good.
Look for: You no longer react too negatively to the same things. You are more patient and you are kinder to yourself and others.

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