What are the small things that make people more attractive?
You don’t have to rely solely on a complete makeover to look more attractive to the outside world. After all, attractiveness is relative. All you really need are simple tweaks to help add that extra spark, pique interest and make hearts race. None of them require money, just a shift in perspective.

Attractiveness is more than just the way you look; it has a lot to do with the way you carry yourself. Here are science-backed tips and simple life changes that will help you appear more appealing to both yourself and others:

1. Work on your fitness

Exercising releases endorphins. These endorphins work to block pain and increase sensations of pleasure that will help to lift your mood and build confidence leaving you feeling great inside as well as out. It doesn’t have to involve a huge gym session either. A simple jog or walk in the park is enough to enhance your mood. Knowing that someone takes care of themselves is attractive. It shows that you are ready for someone because you’ve got yourself sorted.

2. Show leadership qualities

Showing empathy, intelligence, open-mindedness, honesty, and respect is what makes a good leader. These traits are what put leaders in a good light amongst their supporters and colleagues. Practising one or more of these qualities will likely up your attractiveness level because all these qualities also make someone a great partner.

3. Be happy

Happiness is contagious and not to mention attractive. According to the Australian Society of Orthodontists, a beautiful smile can enhance your face. Some even go further to say a smile is better than make-up in giving you a healthy and youthful-looking appearance. It’s definitely a more fuss-free and natural option, and it creates more favourable impressions than neutral faces.

4. Highlight your skills

Do you have a pretty decent singing voice or some musical skills? Time to show it off. A Facebook experiment conducted by Tifferet, Gaziel, and Baram showed that women replied more positively to friendship requests from a man whose photo showed him holding a guitar. It’s not a mystery why those kids who could play the guitar back when you were in school or college had so many fans. Showing a talent can also help break the ice. Imagine those fun conversations you can have about your talents and skills!

5. Take a moment to listen

The act of listening is an underrated but highly attractive trait. People who take the time to listen during conversations make others feel safe and understood. It’s not only a plus in relationships, it works in other aspects of life too. A good listener is likeable and that is something that could be useful in your career as it shows patience and maturity.

6. Practice kindness

Being kind not only makes others feel good, but it also makes you happier, healthier, and more attractive in comparison to peers who choose to be mean-spirited. Can you imagine spending the rest of your life with someone mean? Other benefits of kindness also include lower stress levels, lower blood pressure, improved sleep, and better immune systems. People often imagine their lives with a partner that is kind and who will care for them.

7. Maintain eye contact

Eye contact is a natural part of casual conversations as it’s used to hold a person’s attention. Meeting another person’s gaze is also powerful because when you lock eyes with someone across the room, you’re sharing a special moment. It’s almost like you’re touching souls.
More importantly, eye contact gauges people’s attraction to you, makes people think you’re smart, and makes you more sincere.

8. Cut the drama

Everyone has a past. The trick is not to let drama and unresolved emotional baggage hold you back from living your best life. So avoid talking about your ex on your dates or how your boss is mean and some drama that’s happening in your family. The last thing you want is to appear negative and complicated. Letting go of this big bag of emotions will open you up to new experiences, create healthier relationships, and encourage positive emotions.

9. Bring back chivalry

Do you think things like paying for dates, opening doors, carrying heavy objects, and pulling out chairs are dated, or are you all for it? Though seen as an act of benevolent sexism or threat to gender equality, good old-fashioned chivalry is still deemed an attractive characteristic because it shows that men are perceived to be warmer and more willing to invest in a relationship.

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