Warm, sultry nights are a great start to summertime dating

Long nights = longer dates

We all like to think that we can identify attraction early on. Some people say they can tell whether or not they have chemistry with their date in the first minute. But people get nervous on dates, particularly when they’ve got high expectations of the person they’re meeting – and very few of us act like our true selves when we’re nervous!

Get out and about

Active dates work. Why? Because it feels a lot less like an interview than drinks or dinner. Instead of sitting opposite each other taking it in turns to awkwardly ask questions, make the most of the warm weather, to head outside.

Walking side by side you’ll find lots of more natural conversation starters around you, and naturally shy people find it easier to talk when they don’t have to look the other person in the eye the whole time.

The city comes alive

Single’s should try being a tourist in your own city. When was the last time you strolled aimlessly around a park, explored the riverside or visited well known landmarks?

In summer, cities are buzzing with different activities and events – so make the most of them! Check out street fairs or pay a visit to the farmers’ market.

Dating can get dull if you feel like you’re always doing the same thing, so mix up your schedule and try something you’ve never done before. And don’t be afraid to ask your date for suggestions – you might learn something from him or her from the activity that they choose.

Everyone looks better in the sun

It’s true! The sun doesn’t only give you a tan; it also puts a smile on your face. It’s amazing how much the seasons can affect your attitude, and the impression that you give others about yourself.

So, if you know you’re at your best in summer, make the most of it and get out there meeting people! If you’ve got a holiday planned, book in some dates for the week or two after you get back; you’ll be rested, buzzing and rocking a healthy glow.

It’s also the best time of the year to think about taking some new profile photos too – not only is the light really flattering, but you’ll hopefully be looking your best too.

More people are out and about

In colder months, it’s common for people to rush straight home at the end of the day. But in summer, we’re naturally drawn out of our houses. With so many more people around – in bars and parks, or just walking around the city – there are lots more opportunities to meet new people.

Sign up to a new club, start a new hobby or choose to walk instead of driving or taking the bus – you never know who you might bump in to!