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Relaxing Summer Date Ideas

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The weather is starting to sizzle! And we bet you're thinking of how to spend the weekends now that the days are longer. Well, if you're looking for date ideas this summer, here are some Relaxing Summer Date Ideas from Brisbane's leading Professional Matchmaker, Linda Prescott. From outdoor movies to live music, you and your

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November 2020 News

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Welcome to November! Hi Everyone, hope you're warming up for the lead into Christmas and New Year and a fresh new start ahead - with that in mind, it's time to make a conscious effort to find that someone special to spend next year with! In our articles this month Feel Good In Your Own Skin,

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How to Finally Stop Procrastinating

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Procrastination can really impact our lives. For example, not getting that irritating symptom checked out leaves an unknown disease untreated. Avoiding a dreaded conversation only prolongs the conflict. Delaying an important life decision, like breaking up, making a commitment, changing career paths or going back to school, can lead to you being stuck in the

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Secrets to Attracting Like-Minded People

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Have you been searching for people who share your passion? Finding people who you can get along with isn't easy. But finding people who have the same interest and can totally click with you? Well, that's ever harder. But we'll always keep trying to find these people because sharing your passion with someone can be

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Great Picnic Lunch Ideas For Your Date

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We're so happy to hear that so many are enjoying picnics with their dates since the restrictions have been eased. Additionally, from Saturday 16 May, you will be allowed to take day trips up to 150km within your region. Imagine all the places you could go! So if you're looking for picnic lunch ideas for

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Picnic Spots Within 50 kms of Brisbane and Grazing Boxes You’ll Love

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Benjamin Franklin once said, "He that can have patience can have what he will." And have some freedom to enjoy the outdoors we will! Because we have done such a terrific job of flattening the curve, some of the stay-at-home restrictions will be lifted. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced that "from midnight on Friday [Saturday

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Brisbane Dating – Spring Summer Date Ideas 2019

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Looking for Brisbane dating ideas? Although winter in Brisbane wasn't as icy as say, Hobart, or even Melbourne, aren't we just glad that winter is officially over? Yes, bring on the dresses, shorts, and thongs! Now that we can go back to the sunny vibe we are so used to, it's time to get out

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