It’s a wonderful feeling when you know you’ve taken all the steps to ensure your career growth and financial stability. But what about taking the next step to real, complete happiness? What is complete happiness? For some, it’s having seen the world, and for others it could mean sharing their happiness and joy with their ideal partner. If this is you, read what Professional Matchmaker Linda Prescott has to say about Taking the Next Step to Real, Complete Happiness.

“When I was younger, my definition of happiness was so different. I was happy when I graduated, happy when I got promoted and definitely happy to travel the world. Now, I my definition of happiness has evolved. Although I can say that I am happy with my life, I feel that real happiness for me personally is happiness that I can share with someone. I don’t need a billionaire or a superstar. All I need is someone to love who loves me back,” says Michaela K.

Well, Michaela is onto something. While perceptions of happiness may be different from one person to the next, some key signs that psychologists look for when measuring and assessing happiness include feeling like you are living the life you wanted, feeling that you are living life with a sense of meaning and purpose and wanting to share your happiness and joy with others. So how do you take the next step to real, complete happiness?


1. Take care of your mind

Having worked with more than 10,000 singles, we’ve learnt that clients who start their relationship journey when they are in a happy place tend to have more success in developing long term relationships. We’ve seen it in the 70% plus clients who form long term relationships successfully. So, the best thing you can do for yourself at the start of your partner search is to practice self care.

Self-care can come in many different ways including practicing gratitude. One study found that people who had written about gratitude had increase positive emotions, increased subjective happiness, and improve life satisfaction. Keeping a gratitude list is a relatively easy, affordable, simple, and pleasant way to boost your mood. Try setting aside a few minutes each night to write down or think about things in your life that you are grateful for.

Another way of taking care of yourself is to exercise. Sure, it’s not the easy way but research has time and time again proven that exercise is good for both your body and mind. Regular exercise isn’t just good for keeping your body in shape but evidence also suggests that it may also help make people happier, too. People who are physically active for as little as 10 minutes a day or who worked out only once a week have higher levels of happiness than people who never exercise. So, take it one step at a time. Starting a relationship in a happy place gives you a higher chance of succeeding.

2. Go with the flow

According to experts, another key sign of happiness is being able to go with the flow and having a willingness to take life as it comes. What can you do to achieve this? It means having an open mind, judging less and taking chances which relates closely to the dating process. Having been in the love business for more than 27 years, we know that singles who date with an open mind tend to be able to make better connections. Being able to go with the flow not only allows you to enjoy more and stress less but also lets you get to know your date with less judgement and unrealistic expectations. Our clients who develop long term relationships successfully always come back to us to thank us for reminding them to keep and open mind and go with the flow. Because you’ll never know!

3. Cultivate Strong Relationships

Another way to achieve real happiness is by having social support. Research has found that good social relationships are the strongest predictor of happiness. Having positive and supportive connections with people you care about can provide a buffer against stress, improve your health, and help you become a happier person. And a Harvard Study has also found that people in happy relationships have good overall health. So imagine having a partner who can provide you with that social support, someone you can talk to when you’re going through something difficult and someone you can look forward to spending your time with. Cultivating strong relationships is essential in achieving real happiness.

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