How to Tell Someone You Want More Than Just a Friendship? Going from a non-romantic relationship to something more romantic can be tricky but if you approach it the right way, you could be looking at the start of a new relationship. Sometimes all it takes it to recognise the signs that the other party wants more and then going from there. Linda Prescott shares tips on how you can approach the subject and share how you really feel in

Ask for favours

Get them to invest in you. Asking your love interest to do favours for you can make them like you more as it’ll lead you to mean more to them. This may sound unreal but it’s true. People tend to value something more when they’ve invested (either time, money, or effort) in it or they’ve put in work to obtain it. Research shows that if you want to feel good, connected with your partner, and committed to them, then it’s best to give. However, if you want them to feel good, connected, and committed to you, it’s not a bad idea to start asking for those favours. And once you have spent enough time and feel ready, approach them with your intentions that you want more than just a friendship.

Get flirty

Sometimes there is no better way than to show how interested you are in someone. Flirting clearly shows that you want something more romantic. Get flirty to increase sexual tension between the two of you. Remember that attraction is emotion-based so sharing experiences and stories is the best way to start connecting and amplifying chemistry. And while you do all that chatting, try flirty hints like holding your gaze longer than usual, playing with your hair or just showing with your body language that you are ready for romance.

Be interested

In a captivating piece by John Gardner, there’s a quote that may be the secret to attracting people. “Everyone wants to be interesting but the vitalising thing is to be interested.” This couldn’t be more accurate in the dating world. After all, everyone wants someone who is interested in them. So be interested, not interesting. Ask questions, actively listen, and show that you care about them. It can make a difference in attracting someone and is a good way of hinting that you are ready for a romantic relationship.

How to Tell Someone You Want More Than Just a Friendship

Don’t be afraid

Don’t approach a new relationship with fear. Rather, focus on the potential outcome. If telling this person you want more than friendship could potentially lead the a relationship you’ve always wanted, don’t let fear grow in your mind. Make sure that you know whatever the outcome, you will be ok with it. The worst that can happen is that you get a “no” but at least you know you’ve tried.

Trust your instincts

Trust your gut to help minimise stress, put you on the right path, and protect you from repeating scenarios that didn’t work out. Training yourself to listen to your gut will help you recognise and distinguish between warning signs when something is off and ringing bells when something is great. If you’ve started THE conversation but sense that they are clearly not interested, it’s okay to back off and take that as a sign it’s a no.

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