You’re doing well at work, you have been taking good care of yourself and maybe you’ve been lucky enough to explore the world. Now that you’ve ticked so many boxes in your life, you’re feeling ready to find that last piece of puzzle to complete your life — on your own terms! If this is you, read what Professional Matchmaker Linda Prescott has to say about entering the next phase in your life and the difference it can make having the guidance of someone who knows love and relationships in The Last Piece of the Puzzle.

“I’ve been focussed on my career and I have no regrets. But now I am ready for that next step. Having come from a stable upbringing with my parents still together, I am starting to really imagine myself enjoying that same solid relationship. I really want the same for myself and am absolutely ready for it now,” said Alexandra. “I was never really into nightclubs, and online dating felt more dodgy than exciting. I really don’t want to be wasting my time on people who don’t have the right intentions.” added Alexandra. Well, Alexandra is not alone, in fact, she is one of thousands of women who deliberately chose to focus on their career growth and building their assets for a comfortable future. More and more, young women are thinking about how they can secure their financial future, independently. And once they reach a certain level in their careers, they are ready to think about the last yet important element in their lives — LOVE.

Professional Matchmaker and Relationship Guru Linda Prescott said, “It’s the 21st century and women today have unique priorities and we support that. And when they’re ready, we are here to support them in the next phase in their lives with our professional service. Because we have worked with more than 10,000 singles which include many very successful individuals, we know what they want and need to be happy in a relationship. So what should you consider when you are finally looking for The One? What type of partner will be your Ideal partner?

1. Someone who wants the same things as you

When you’re so focused on building the other aspects of your life, you really don’t want to be wasting any time on people who don’t actually deserve your time. And the thing about online dating is that you never really know what people want (for real). Some say they want a relationship but you then later realise that they may have not been truthful. Most of the time, people aren’t who they say they are. It’s that process of figuring out the truth and the person’s intentions that can make dating a negative experience. But Professional Matchmaking is completely different. Photos are real, intentions are real.

After not having any success with online dating, Carrie turned to Ideal Introductions because, she said, “Finding people online that wanted long-term commitment was hard.”
“It was strange not being able to see what they looked like,” she recalls of when she first starting with Ideal Introductions, “but it was part of the process and to think outside the square. A connection doesn’t always just build on physical appearance but that of personality and similar goals in life.” While Carrie had some doubts about matchmaking initially, it was her bond with her matchmaker that helped her through the process.

“I had some doubt with whom I was being matched with,” Carrie reveals, adding, “I never gave up, though, and that’s when I started getting better matches. On Carrie’s sixth match, she was introduced to Gerritt. At Ideal, we interview and really get to know our clients so no one is wasting anyone’s time. If someone has decided to become an Ideal client, that means they are absolutely serious about finding their own piece of puzzle. This means that you meet only people who are genuinely interested in looking for a real relationship. Someone who wants the same thing as you!

2. Someone who can let you be yourself

Can you imagine meeting someone who just ends up wishing you were something else? Or pretending to be someone else when dating and then the relationship breaks down when the real you show up? That’s why compatibility is such an important aspect in finding your Ideal partner. The biggest reason our signature method works is that we emphasis on compatibility not just with personality but values, expectations, financial and wavelength. We have deep conversations with our clients to really understand them on a personal level so we can find someone who can truly match them. By the time our clients meet their date, they are meeting someone who is on the same page, someone who would appreciate you being genuine and showing up as yourself. Once you know that you can be you, the stress melts away and you can both focus on getting to know each other and exploring what the possibilities look like for both of you. We take the ambiguity of dating and let you focus on finding that spark, making that connection and nurturing something that could change the rest of your life.

3. Someone who complements you, not holds you back

The thing is, you’ve come this far not to be held back. We know, we understand. All that hard work and perseverance, you need someone who can be a real partner! And real partners are supportive, understanding and can be there when the going gets tough. Perhaps this is someone who shares the same love for fitness so you could both push and inspire each other. Or it could be someone who equally loves travelling, fuelling your desire for adventure. Whatever it is you’re looking for, think about how you want to enjoy your life and the role your Ideal partner can play. We have so many clients who have found their adventure partner and it’s this type of outcome we look forward to every time we show up for our clients.

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