Do you feel like male behaviour is complicated to understand? Have you ever wondered what men really want? It’s not a surprise if these things have crossed your mind because, trying to understand how the other person thinks is part of wanting to know how you should respond. Just like women, we men are also guilty of sending mixed signals to the opposite sex and can be difficult to deal with and understand at times. But I can promise you that most of the time it’s not on purpose. Men just think and operate in a different way to women. And there are a lot of things that men wish women knew not just in relationships but in life in general. When it comes to dating, here’s what was going through the male brain:

We need reassurance

Believe it or not ladies – guys like compliments too! We all like to be given that little bit of reassurance that our efforts don’t go unnoticed. For example, something simple like “Your shoes are nice…” or even “this shirt really looks good on you” can go a long way to letting a guy know they’ve caught your eye or that you are interested. It may be hard to fathom but guys actually worry what girls think of them. The male ego does need to be stroked ever so often and might just give the man in your life a boost in putting more effort in your new found relationship.

You are free to take control

Whilst we know you ladies love a man to take control and be in charge, it’s okay to let us know what you want to do, when you want to do it. Feel free to tell us that you don’t like that hyped up bar on High Street or you want to just take it easy and have a couple of drinks in a chilled out spot. Guys like girls who can take control of a situation. So try it! Next time you are on a date, tell him you want to go to the movie theatre and hang out together eating popcorn, or have a picnic if that’s what you want to do. Don’t leave him guessing or trying to figure you out. There’s a difference between being bossy and being confident. Besides, there really is nothing sexier than a woman in charge!

We aren’t great with hints – communicate

Us guys are for the most part simple human beings who sometimes need that ‘life and dating instructions book’. We don’t always pick up on hints or cryptic messages. S.P.E.L.L it out for us clearly. After all the say Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Our brains just work differently and we really just don’t know what’s going on in the female brain. Best here is to use the analogy of ‘a boy look’. How many times have you asked a male in your life to grab something simple like your phone charger? It could be right in front of them, yet we still won’t be able to find it! Blokes need a roadmap to finding that phone charger, so imagine trying to work out feelings and emotions. Have you ever gotten so upset at your date for not noticing your new hairstyle or that you are feeling down? Sometimes we men just don’t notice things that are not obvious to us. So the best thing is to be upfront and communicate.

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It’s ok to make the first move – guys can be shy too

Although we do encourage our male Ideal clients to take the lead, it doesn’t mean that women can’t make that first move or initiate contact? Don’t be shy ladies. As Men’s Health author Zach Zane highlights in his article – Men love it when women make the first move, because apparently guys are starved for compliments. ‘’For a girl to make the first move on them is probably the best compliment they could ever have.’’ If you get rejected, well, that’s life. But it’s better to try and fail rather than lose out on the opportunity to start a potentially successful relationship.

Be your own person

Whilst it is of course important that you are compatible with your partner, don’t stress if initially you are not into all of the same things. It’s okay if you don’t like football and he does or he doesn’t like shopping and you do. We don’t expect women to like everything we do. But we do appreciate if you show some interest. And if there is something that you are passionate about, why not tell us about it and share. We love women who are independent, active and have their own circle of friends. Any person becomes more attractive when they’re secure in their own skin.

Remember ladies, give him some compliments, take control and clear communication will go a long way to improving your dating game. Good luck!

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