Admitting that you have feelings for someone might be nerve wracking and not to mention awkward if you don’t know how. To help you, Linda Prescott reveals Things You Can Do to Signal Someone You Like Them.


Hold that eye contact for just a second longer

Meeting and holding a gaze with someone is more effective than you think. That’s because our eyes show emotion, build connections and also indicate interest. So if you’re shy or not ready to tell your crush you like them, by holding your gaze, you are indirectly telling them that you are interested. If they’re also interested in you, this will get the ball rolling.


Remember their favourite drink without having to ask

You know that lovely feeling when your barista remembers your name and your coffee preference? Well, this is something like that. If someone (not your barista) cares enough to know what you like, there could be something special. So pay attention to your crush’s favourite coffee or bottle of wine and the next time you see them, just say something like, “Can I get you a _____? That is your go-to coffee/wine, right?” They will definitely notice.


Touch them, casually, on the arm when you’re talking to them

When you like someone, it’s natural to be all touchy feely, but remember your boundaries too. Don’t touch someone in areas that might be quite intimate to them like their legs, neck and face. A soft touch on the arm is acceptable…it’s enough to signal them that you are interested but far enough from the body to keep you out of trouble. Pay attention to whether they reciprocate this with you. If they are also sharing soft touches on your hands and arm, there could be sparks flying!


Mirror their body language

Did you know that another unconscious sign of attraction is mirroring? Mirroring is matching another person’s movements and when people are interested in one another, studies have found that they tend to mimic each other’s movements and gestures. So if your crush is adjusting their sitting position to get close to you, do the same! If they are facing a certain side, match it. What this shows is that you are completely engaged in the interaction and they have all your attention.

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