How many of us have gone on a first date walking away pretty confident that a second date was sure to follow. But days or weeks and maybe a few unanswered text messages and calls later, we are proven completely wrong. It starts to sink in that you’ve been ghosted (when someone cuts off all forms of communication without any explanation) and now your confidence is totally shot. Self doubt starts sinking in and you start questioning your dating ability. Or maybe it’s been a good few years since you’ve even been on a date and am feeling like you are swimming in uncharted waters. How do you know the date is going well? And most importantly, what clues can you look out for to see if this person sitting across from you is interested in getting to know you better? Here are three things to pay attention to, letting you know if a second date could be on the cards.

The chemistry is undeniable

There’s nothing more awkward than the first few minutes of meeting someone new – be it a date or any form of social setting. After the initial awkward meet and greet passes, you should have plenty of conversation starters to aid you in breaking the ice. But if the date is starting to feel more like an interview than a “getting to know your potential love interest” vibe then, it’s safe to say the connection might not be there. On the contrary, when you’re on a date and time passes by so fast, because the convo is so interesting, it’s a great sign that the person you’re on a date with would like to see you again. If the opposite happens, and there are several lulls in the conversation, your date just might not be feeling it, and if so, chalk it up to a one-and-done date.

In addition to free flowing conversation, you can also tell that everything is going smoothly if your date is laughing with you. According to a study published in Evolutionary Psychology, shared laughter is one of the ultimate signs of connection. ( ) “The research found that laughing at another person’s jokes was a sign of dating interest in that person and if you’re laughing together, then that’s even better. It also found that two people laughing at the same time signalled that they were more likely to have a romantic interest in one another.”

Body language is everything

Body language can speak volumes without actually saying anything at all. Our body language is a gatekeeper to our subconscious and can be a strong indicator of how a date is unfolding. If the person is physically turning away, leaning back, or has lack of eye contact, this may imply they are not interested in meeting up again. They are too kind to cut the date short, but will probably do it later when you are trying to make plans for another time. There is also withdrawal from obvious affection; dodging a kiss, pulling their hand away if you try to hold it, or moving away if you try to embrace them. Pay attention to these subtle clues if you want to know right off the bat how your date is feeling about you.

They tell you they want to see you again

Lastly, the most obvious sign that another date is likely to take place is that they tell you they want to see you again. Even if they don’t outright mention a second date, they might talk about the things they want to do with you in the future. If they talk about future activities you might do together, they’re basically saying, ‘Let’s go out again! And if they’d agreed to meet for ‘a quick drink’ and it becomes a three-hour night out, that’s a great sign that they want to see you again. Time investment equals interest.
After all, if someone is genuinely interested in pursuing a romantic future with you then they wouldn’t beat around the bush or waste your time. They would make their intentions known and wouldn’t want you to be confused about how they feel towards you. And if you’re feeling the same way, then you’ve hit the romance jackpot!

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