Movies like “What Women Want” or “What Man Want” were made to show us that we’re in constant need of answers to the age-old question of what we truly seek in a partner. Although elements like looks can first attract you and sexual chemistry which may be the earliest indicator that there could be a connection… there are several other more significant characteristics that stand out when a life partner is the end goal. Having worked with over 10,000, Professional Matchmaker and Relationship Expert Linda Prescott has heard it all. The dreams, the wish list, the deal breakers. So what do women really look for in a partner? Linda Prescott reveals:


Swipe right on someone ‘hot’, match with them, go on a bunch of dates, and live happily ever after – finding true love should be this easy these days, right? The reality is, technology may have evolved and the world is getting smaller but people have remained the same in the dating realm. Not every profile you get tells the full (or honest) story so finding someone genuine and trustworthy is highly sought after. A dependable and truthful person who speaks from the heart is an appealing trait as it allows relationships to build and deepen.


Not in reference to a huge ego or wanting to be the center of attention, being self-assured here refers to knowing your worth and believing that you’re deserving of a relationship. When a person is confident, they’ll often exude a positive and upbeat energy which can be infectious.

Family Ties

Someone with a good and healthy connection with their family has a relatively good head on their shoulders thanks to the great degree of support they receive from their nearest and dearest. The way they treat and talk about their parents and siblings is also very telling about the way they treat people they care about.

A Sense of Humour

There’s nothing more alluring than someone with an ability to joke around and goof off when the occasion calls for it. As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. When you’re laughing together it shows that you share the same perspective and what you think is funny.

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Mutual respect is the basis of a successful and happy relationship. That’s why it’s important to find someone who treats you with respect and vice versa. Everyone deserves someone who cares about them and treats them well. So, you’ll probably drop anyone who is patronizing or takes you for granted. Speaking ill about an ex regularly is usually a red flag.


Imagine venting when you’re having a bad day and not getting any sympathy in return? That’s why it’s crucial to find someone who shares a similar point of view or can at least respect it, is sensitive to your feelings, and is a great listener. Someone who possesses traits such as compassion and concern for others is attractive and highly interesting.

Emotionally Ready

A person who is emotionally available is ready for a relationship and all that it entails. You needn’t worry about being ghosted or played in this case as the person’s intentions are true and they’re less likely to mess around with your feelings. The worst thing is to pour your heart into a relationship that isn’t real or for someone who isn’t ready to as far as you want. That’s why at Ideal, our clients know they are not wasting their time with singles who are not ready for a commitment.


Being stable means that the person is emotionally ready as well as economically stable which equals predictability and reliability. These are two important characteristics to look out for in someone you wish to build a life with (owning a home or having a child together). It’s not about being rich or swimming in cash, it’s knowing that your partner has their finances handled. This shows maturity and dependability. Having financial stability also allows you to worry less about money when dating or going into a serious relationship.

Understands Consent

This is an important one these days, especially after #MeToo. Your potential love interest should never make you feel unsafe. Look for someone who respects boundaries and doesn’t make you feel threatened or pressured in any way. Using a series of conversations about what you’re comfortable with, what piques your interest, and what you’re definitely not into are ways you can explore each other’s limits.

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