Why Ideal Introductions

We are different…

Unlike online dating, you will deal directly with our Matchmakers who are approachable, knowledgeable and professional.

As we are a boutique agency, we have the flexibility to work with you one on one and offer ongoing support, advice where needed and the benefits of our extensive experience.

Our profiling system has been fine-tuned over more than two decades and is spot on with cutting to the core of every new member… you can be assured that all of our members are emotionally available and genuinely relationship ready.

We pride ourselves on our genuine desire to help our members achieve healthy, happy and lasting relationships. We just love to be different from the others in the industry so we invite you to come in for a free partner profiling session to see for yourself how our team works and if Ideal is the right fit for you.

It’s all about timing

We all need to be ready and open to find love and a lasting relationship. As today’s busy singles often don’t have the time or avenues to meet the “right” partner they require a fast, uncomplicated and effective way to be put in contact with like-minded people.

Throughout her career, Love Guru Linda has personally interviewed over ten thousand singles and has countless wonderful memories, with one particular couple springing to mind.

“One of my favourite clients first came to me back in 1994, a self-employed architect named Graham. I introduced him to his now-wife Margaret and they have been happily married for about 18 years,” she said.

“However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing…within ten minutes of meeting Margaret, I knew she’d be perfect for Graham, but the timing was all wrong. She was too newly separated and Graham was too keen, so they parted ways after several dates. I tried to match Graham with others, but his heart was still with Margaret.”

“Some time later, they randomly ran into each other in a shopping centre and the rest is history. Sometimes best matches are made on intuitions. In this instance, it was spot on.”

We have the history, the credibility…

What’s most important to us is your ultimate happiness!

Ideal was established in 1991 and is a licenced, government compliant agency that operates by a strict code of conduct.

Being leaders in the industry, it is easy to understand why Ideal has over 1,280 weddings and thousands of happy couples to their credit.

Our profiling system just works and together with your help, we get to understand who you are and the type of person best suited to your life and needs.

Ideal Introductions offers a personalised service to people looking for love, offering one-on-one, face-to-face interaction, customised to an individual’s needs and requirements.

Ideal Introductions Director, Linda Prescott said that over two decades of business, one thing has remained constant; at their core, people are social creatures who crave love and companionship. But not just any love or companion, the type you get with the right partner.

“We exist as a medium to help people find a partner that most compliments them; the people who engage our services are emotionally intelligent, realise the importance of a great relationship and are prepared to seek professional assistance to make it happen,” Linda says, “And the results are clear!”

“When we first started 26 years ago, we were a very small agency with young staff and a limited database. Now, we have Australia’s largest agency with three dedicated support staff and three full time, experienced matchmakers, who simply love what they do.

We are selective in the clients we take on board. We make sure they have realistic expectations and fit within our database. If we accept you as a member it is because we truly believe we can find you someone.

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