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Kimberley Browning

Relationship Manager

Kimberley joined Ideal as a Matchmaker in 2002. Her role has evolved over the years and she has now become the Relationship Manager. This was created to support the clients that have non-personalised services.

Kimberley is warm, friendly and very professional, making sure your Ideal journey is always smooth sailing. Kimberley is generally the person who will call you with exciting news about your next introduction. She will also discuss your feedback after dates to ensure we’re on the same page with what you’re searching for in a partner.

“The excitement we feel in the office when new love is in the air drives me to help find that happiness for everyone.”

Kimberley possesses a wealth of dating and relationship knowledge and tips. Whether you need help with planning a date or fine-tuning your profile for better results, Kimberley is your go-to girl

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