“Why did he leave me?” she cries? “Things were going so well!” These are the sorts of exclamations of women who love too much when they are experiencing heartbreak.

The question is how do you know that you could be one of those women? What are the signs that you need to look out for to identify whether you are part of the women who love too much club or not?

Five signs of whether you are a woman who loves too much and why each of these actions will lead to the demise of your relationship.

1. You say yes when you mean no
Do you find yourself saying yes all the time to certain things in the relationship when in fact you really do not want to do them? Well, this is a sign that you are part of the women who love too much club. If you keep saying yes to things and situations that do not fill your heart with pleasure, you are not only being dishonest towards him but you will also fill your heart with anger and resentment over a long period of time.

Lack of communication and feeling angry will at best bring the relationship down and at worst lead to its demise as they are two qualities that are needed for a healthy relationship to thrive.

2. You abandon your friends
It’s easy to jump into a relationship and think that you have it made. He now becomes your supposed best friend and being with him is all you can think about. You decide that he is now the most important thing in the world, and will change your plans with your friends if he decides he wants to spend time with you. You may have even decide to abandon them completely.

For a relationship to thrive you need to have a balanced life that includes friends because otherwise you will be putting too much pressure on the relationship. Putting pressure on relationships is not a strategy that works and could lead down the road of divorce or breakup.

3. You are only happy when he is around you
If you find that you can only be happy when you are with him and feel sad or not worthy when you are not, then this is a massive warning sign to do something about it. To base your happiness around another human being is definitely a sign that you are part of the women who love to much club.

Its important to make sure that your happiness stems from within and is not based on external factors because you will lose yourself in the relationship and lose your power to give it to him.

4. You put him on a pedestal
Putting him on a pedestal means that you will automatically be putting yourself in the pit. This will ignite your feelings of unworthiness and you will play the comparison game, believing that you are in no way as special as him or good as him. This of course is not true. You are as special – in fact he is just a reflection of you – even if you cannot see it right now.

The problem with putting him on a pedestal is that energetically he will feel it and will probably feel that he can do anything he wants. He may even start treating you badly and let you down because he can feel he has the power. At this point, men get tired and are more likely to walk away.

5. You let him treat you badly
These women so want the approval and love of their partner that they would do anything for him and let him do anything to her. This is exactly when abusive relationships manifest and she lets him treat her like dirt.

If this is you right now it would be important to walk away and seek the help that you need. Abusive relationships will at some point, lead to relationship breakdowns because they are not sustainable.